Worthwhile Alms Giving From Buffett

The Charity Auction of dining with investor Warren Buffett sells for a history record at 2. Do You Make These 5 Common Beauty Mistakes with tiffany jewellery 11 million, which makes this richest man feel surprised. Buffett said recently that the time of lunch will not be prolonged due to the higher price than before.But people who had acquired such opportunity seemed to view it as good value for money. Every penny is worth of it as long as you can talk with this master, said someone who spent $ 650,000 dollars to have lunch with Buffett last year. This figure, three times the price of having lunch with Buffet, set a record in eBay`s history of charitable auctions. [it stunned me", said Buffet when being interviewed by AP.Some Details to Protect Your formal dresses

The lunch price raises year after year while the time for talk doesn't be extended. Why more and more people long for such opportunity? Gay Spier, the CEO of American Aquamarine property management, won the chance to have lunch with Buffet last year. Later, he explained that the "pilgrimage" trip" is valuable to listen to the voices of investment guru so close.

During the conversation, Spier doubted on every specific questions and Buffet always enlightened him with simple but thoughtful opinions. While having lunch, Buffett often referred to his life and ideas of handling matters. For example, his father taught him from childhood that do not see how others judge, but rely on his own judgment of right and wrong. "Living your own live by mind your own yardstick to, and this is very important," Spier quoted Buffett's words. You can figure out whether you act upon such principle or not by asking yourself a simple question: are you willing to be viewed as the best lover by the whole world and as the worst one by yourself, or vice versa? Buffet did a good job in adapting the conception on investment: totally trust yourself, invest in the [confinement of your ability" and cooperate with people sharing common values.

Late nineties last century when the cyber economy developed rapidly, Buffett was badly denounced for didn`t investing in this region, but he didn`t sway. After all foams were broken, people, calm down from the fervent investment, got to understood Buffett. "What better example can you pursue?" Spier wrote on the "Time" magazine that "two days after we have lunch, the chance bid about the next luncheon came out on eBay, 210 million. The fact proved that: Our 65 million dollars is definitely a cheap price."

On the day that he expressed his own opinion on the charity lunch, Buffet also visited the D&Q, a food brand that owned by Berkshire Hathaway Cooperation, one of his companies and talked with 6 girl scouts there when he tried the latest ice cream. Buffett told these girls in secondary school or university that they'd better read more before entering the area of investment. " It's much better to have your own thoughts and research on investment," Buffett said. When those children asked the world richest person how should they handle their money as they become a college student, Buffett answered, it is better for them not using credits, since the present rate is high and student would get into debt easily. [I was likely to be bankrupted if I had borrowed money when I was eighteen or twenty." Buffett said.

Inspired by the late wife Susan, Buffett who have the reputation of "stock god" auctioned the opportunity of having lunch with him since 2000, and donated it to the San Francisco Glide Foundation to relief poverty hunger and homelessness. The auction was once conducted in San Francisco while since 2003 it moved to eBay.

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