Wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger Broke Carlifornia Law

The former Hollywood star, and now the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is having trouble these days, because the pictures of his wife calling while driving were disclosed, and one the pictures was taken just 2 days ago.8 Easy Ways to Dress wedding flower girl dresses

"Central News Agency" shows that, the photos are firstly exposed today by well-known U.S. gossip news website TMZ. One of them is taken at July 12 this year, the other is just two days ago. From the exposure picture, Schwarzenegger's wife Mrs. Maria Shriver hold steering wheel on her right hand, while using the left to call. By Californian law carried into effect on July 1, 2008, drivers are forbidden to use cell phone; otherwise, they will be fined 20 dollars and 50 dollars for the second time, not including other penalties. Schwarzenegger claimed though the Internet, that he appreciated these photos and he will take action soon.3 New You Should Know

Schwarzenegger has got double bachelor degree of economics and international business management and used to be a famous movie actor. He has acted the leading role in nearly 20 action films until now, all of which are very well received with wide global influence. Among these, the greatest business success is "Terminator 2" which makes him be the highest-paid actor in global.

Democratic governor Davis was recalled in California recall election Oct, 7th, 2003. Schwarzenegger easily defeats the 134 rivals and is elected the new governor. On November 17th, he is sworn in as the 38th governor. And on the election of November 7, 2006, he defeated his rival, democrat Angelides Brandeis, and re-elected the governor of California.

The name of Schwarzenegger echoes the world like the explosion of an A-bomb, and some people use "legend" to describe his success. Schwarzenegger almost becomes the representative of American popular culture and the idol of Americans. This time the matter of his wife using the phone no doubt challenges Arnold Schwarzenegger's coping capacity.

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