Well Done! A 74 Japanese Elderly Acquired Bodybuilding Champion

A 74-year-old Japanese people get the bodybuilding champion, which makes young people feel ashamed of their less well-developed muscles. What's the Best Gift Ideas This Year? Must-Have evening dresses ! For lots of more than 70-year-old men, their strong muscular and developed muscles when they were young are only in memories .evening dresses Trend You Should Not Disremember

However, Japan's 74-year-old Otsuka Tsutomu (phonetic) is different. Though he is in his seventies, but he still has an admiring muscle, and lots of young people of 20s and 30s feel ashamed of. He started practicing body building at he age of 40, at the 21st Masters Bodybuilding Championships of Japan in the capital, Tokyo, the 74-year-old Tsutomu Otsuka became the winner of 70 + age group. The gray-haired Otsuka Tsutomu appeareded on stage to show his well-developed muscles to the audience, still have such a fit body over seventy, so a lot of the audience in the prime were also green with envy. Different from the most participants, Otsuka Tsutomu began practicing bodybuilding at 40-year-old. Since a friend introduced him the sport, he has never stopped practicing.Trend Alert! Jessica Alba in tiffany jewellery

British "Daily Mail" 23 commented that perhaps Otsuka Tsutomu`s stature is not the typical frame for the majority of people longing for, however, considering his 74-year-old and excellent performance on the pitch, it's worthy of being admired for Otsuka Tsutomu's winning the gold medal. "Age is not a barrier," the lane user named Andy Rice leave the message online after he saw the old man`s report. There are 40,000 super-centenarians in Japan. Except the champion, other elderly players competing against Otsuka have the same extraordinary strength. "This tournament showed that the Japanese elderly and the United Kingdom elderly are very different," a British netizen called Peter Jack leaves a message online. "The Japanese pride of their health, even when they are 70 or more, they can still maintain body healthy. However, the UK old men cannot compared with the Japanese old men in some way."

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