Unusualy Ways of Building Your Body in Different Places of The World

Donkey riding: In recent years, donkeys have suddenly become popular in France. Choose Most Gorgeous Blood Pressure Monitor for Yourself!Pet shops in many cities sell or let donkeys, but most donkey riders are old people who go to the countryside for an outing. General Knowledge about your Winsome Blood Pressure Monitor A more than 60-year-old elderly said "donkeys are naturally honest, with moderate pace temper and slow steps, especially suitable for the old"

Immersed into the buoyancy tank: more and more American elders are keen to "soaking in the buoyancy tank."Floating box is made by Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP). The drug with certain viscosity and natural aroma substance are put inside.When the elder person immersed in "floating box" in nake, which is to say in a semi-floating and semi-submerged wonderful state at home.After closing the door of "floating box", the water temperature increases gradually, more and more flavor is concentrated and the people are gradually coming into the high-quality deep sleep."Floating boxes" have fuctions of lowering blood pressure, softening blood vessels, reducing stroke and heart attack, and also debating a variety of skin diseases.

Poetry reading: In Japan, poetry reciting is regarded as a healthy activity for both mental and physical aspects.Japan health experts believed that elderly people reciting poetry often can increase lung capacity, improve memory and prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

Learn crawling: After Brazil geriatric therapist Dr. Chalvo have launched the "creeping club" a burst of "crawling fever" was set off in Brazil`s old people.Those old people who suffer heart and tissue disease, hemorrhoids, disorder digestive function and wakefulness come to learn climbing on the floor.Crawling exercises can not only prevent and relieve more than 20 kinds of aged diseases, but will not easily hurt old exercisers.

Barefoot running: In the UK, the most fashionable fitness activity for old people is barefoot running.Barefoot running is always outdoors, which are mostly lawn, bike lanes or smooth country roads.

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