Tour in Madeira, Flower Garn on the Ocean

Madeira, located outside the north-western coast of Africa, islands about 1000 km away from Lisbon, is Portugal's famous holiday resort, as well as the hometown of football star Cristiano Ronaldo (CR) in "La Liga" Real Madrid. This spring, an unexpected landslide triggered by flood killed about 12 people. After the tragedy, Madeira Islands returned to calm once again, and people on the island were gradually returning to their normal lives. Similar to other famous tourist resorts on the world, Madeira Islands have their own quietness and crowdedness. News and legend: in 1419, a sailor, named Sark came across storm in the Atlantic Ocean during his venture navigation to Guinea. The fleet was flown hundreds of miles away from the sailing routine, and they found this island without name but full of plants, then they gave it Porto Santo Island as a name for expressing their thanks. Since then, Portuguese people gradually settled on the islands, and Sark was granted the first general governor. According to legend, Madeira Islands, first appeared in the maps of North African Moors in the early 11th century, and later was forgotten with the demise of the empire of Carthage.5 Kinds of GHD Straighteners Make You More A-list

Until the 14th century, Genoese navigators rediscovered the islands and named it Madeira, meaning "forest"; it's also called Deseta, meaning "deserted island". ghd straighteners uk , The Best Doll's Festival Crafts for Beauty But the precious map was treasured up by so few people that at last it was lost again for being forgotten. The magic fruit island magic. Maddela is a volcano island and never seen any mountain springs and streams or undercurrents, but there can hear some faint sound of water which it is strange. What`s the source of the water come from? It turned out that the warm air which is blown by the sea wind is stopped by the more than 1000 meters mountains, so it can only become rain. It is precisely because the island will be staged every day, the wonders of the night rain, never stop.

The island's residents use this gift of nature to built a lot of water drainage, and plow layers in the terraced slopes, full of planted flowers and trees decorating this small island. Thus, the Maddela islands are showed its original beauty charms that it had been had. There giving burst to flowers in the island, in the orchard there produce the indigenous tropical fruits everywhere. It is no wonder people are held Maddela as a "flower island" , with ample sunshine and the warm water and the island was a heaven of being a try to relax yourself. C Ro's Hometown: However, more people know this island because it is the hometown of Cristiano Ronaldo (C Ro). After European Golden Ball Award winner was determined in 2008, Madeira Islands got another business card of pride together with the award winner C Ro. Probably to express their love for her hometown, c, his own name brands "in the costume CR7" are produced in the capital of Maddela Funchal. His two elder sisters Elma and Katia are the managers of this store. He had held the CR7 brand of fashion conference; he himself went to the draft as the model.

Not long ago, the media also released the news that Cristiano –Ronaldo would invest60 million euros to build a resort hotel on the island with the teammate Ricardo Carvalho and Deco. Having the hallmark of European footballer, they don't worry about not attracting tourists. Of course, the connection between Maderia islands and sports is not only maintained on Cristiano Ronaldo. Every March, a major tournament, Madeira Golf Open, will take place on the island. As early as 2006, it was a co-sanctioned event by European Tour and Challenge Tour. After 2006, it fully returned to European Tour, the total prize money was significantly improved and the competition lineup was more powerful.

Excellent foods: of course, the beautiful island of Madeira is not only because of its scenery, but also because there have different kinds of cate sprits of sailing. If it is already evening when you are travelling around in Funchal, the flavor of toasted meat flowing in the air must activate your senses and lead you to find restaurant to ease your greedy mouth. The most famous food in Madeira is Espetada. This is beef kebabs which use a special kind of Madeira beef, add bay, garlic, pepper, Madeira wine to salt, then sticked by pine boughs to fire-cure on charcoal fire. It is said Espetada is not only well known for the delicious food but witnessed the European meal table revolution during a navigation time, it is testimony to Maddela as the relay station to Europe with a series of cultural change.

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