Top Ten Technologies for Environmental Protection Released

The American "Fun Science" website published an article on the 7th, listing 10 environmental technologies, among which Some people have already heard, some just started, and some sounded even some "non-mainstream". Gisele Bundchen’s Reason for Pulse Oximeter The energy development was taken attention in the ten environmental protection techniques. The Trend Bible to Abercrombie & Fitch Alternatives There were five techniques in the first six items.

The "Carbonaceous Garbage Turns into Petroleum" technology won the first place. This technology put forward that,at the appropriate temperature and pressure, any carbonaceous material, from animal offal to discarded tires, can be translated into petroleum.

Hydrogen-powered fuel technology was ranked at the third place. Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity by mixing hydrogen and oxygen, producing water only, known as the "Pollution-free Substitute for Fossil fuels." At present, scientists have successfully developed hydrogen-powered fuel cells supplying power t o the notebook computers and other small appliances, and some car manufacturers are also actively developing hydrogen fuel cell cars.

[Light energy changing into electricity" technology ranks fourth. Solar cells are no longer a new thing, and scientists` current research focuses on how to further improve the utilization of sunlight.

The technology of thermal sea power ranks fifth. According to the statistics from US Department of Energy, the global ocean absorbs solar radiation equivalent of 250 billion barrels of petrol per day while the energy America consumes per year is only equivalent of 7.5 billion barrels of petrol. Additionally, temperature of sea of different depths could also be generated which is not quite effective because this technology is not fully developed yet.

The tidal power generation ranking sixth was the [old concept" proposed at the beginning of the last century. Generater is driven by the tidal water which can generate energy, but the current problem is difficult to control, sometimes the tidal water is too small to generate energy.

In addition to energy development, the reduction of pollutants` discharge is also a focus for 10 major environmental technologies to solve. The plan of the seventh place "air garden" is about the building of gardens and growing plants of top of city artitectures to absorb heat and carbon hydron and release the oxygen. In addition, the plan can also be used to reduce the temperature of buildings in summer and the use of air – conditioners. Finally, "heat island effect" of cities can be released.

Biodegradation Technology ranks eighth. So-called [Biodegradation" is that it makes use of plants or micro-organisms to break down pollutants and toxic substances. One typical example includes the use of micro-organisms to eliminate nitrate pollution of water and the use of certain plants to absorb soil arsenic compounds and so on.

Emissions deep hidden technical ranks ninth. Some person suggested that carbon dioxide can be separated from other pollutants into the abandoned oil wells, reservoirs contained high salt or even undersea. The method looked like reasonable, but scientists suspected the long-range effect and the cost.

The 10 environmental technologies place emphasis both on resources development and energy saving. The seawater desalination technology was ranked at the second place. The technology refers to removing the salt and minerals from the seawater ,then converting the seawater into potable water. The U.N. statistic information shows that till the middle of this century, water shortages will affect the living of billions of people. Desalination technology can solve, solve the dilemma of partial shortage of water resources in some areas to a certain extent. The deficiency is that the technology will cost significant capital as well as energy. Scientists are performing research to improve benefits by evaporating sea water with fuel of lower cost.

The paperless technology which ranks tenth advocates recycling [electric paper" which can replace traditional paper. Whether it is a newspaper or a novel, they can be shown in a same electric paper to avoid wasting paper.

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