To Enjoy the Punk Style Eyeliner

Although the nude makeup play the important role now, but we shall not only rush in pursuit of the same style of makeup, but also shall learn to find different ways in it. In this autumn, let us follow the wild punk eyes makeup by Taylor Momsen, who acted as little Jenny in Gossip Girl. Add the thick and heavy colour to the makeup and bypass the sweet and pure, which will be more sexy, highly capable and more mature.Hilary Swank’s Infrared Thermometer , Take a Look and Make a Comment

Taylor Momsen

Since the beginning of the second season of Gossip Girl, little J has been completely changed form the riginal pure little girl into the punk style. The Best Pulse Oximeter for Holiday Party Besides her change in dressing, the most conspicuous one should be her makeup. Thick black eyeliner, heavy eye shadow and fiery red lips. Every part is full of sexy wild punk flavor.

Wild Punk style eyeliner

Taylor is not just actors, she is also active in the punk rock music as a rock singer. Her wild PUNK eyes mkeup seems to agree with the her identity. {P10}>

Perfect combination of punk eyeliner and classical red lips

The young Taylor combines wild Punk style eye makeup with restoring ancient red lips perfectly - with a strong color contrast in red and black, achieving different striking effects. In choosing the colors of eyes makeup, do not rigidly adhere to pure black. Just like her, you can also try dark-colored eye liner and eye shadow such as dark-green, dark blue and so on.

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