Tips On Maintaining Jewelry Fresh

You should pay attention to many details if you want to make your jewelry look new.5 Rules You should Break

Not touch regularly: it seems to be easy to keep the jewelries on your body clear, but actually it`s not. prom gowns Trend You Should Never Hold Loose Many people cannot help them to touch the face of the precious stones when they see the attractive one, but it will influence the brightness and the lightness of the stones. Human body will drain sweat and oiliness in the surface of skin, while the hand is the most possible part to touch body, therefore, the oiliness on the skin will be easily stained with hands. It is easy to hold the oil over the jewel and affect its polish and brightness when toughing it by hands oiled. Diamond is lipophilic gem, so its surface is easilly tainted with oiliness and its lustre is also damaged. Jade, however, is in aggregation structure. If it is frequently touched, the quality will be more mellowed and delicate.You Know What?! Aunt all Prefer wedding flower girl dresses

Tap water is harmful to the lustre of pearls: after wearing them for several times, some people tend to wash them with no knowledge that it will do great harm to the pearls if they are soaked in tap water, although momentary washing in it is not so harmful. But to use the running water to immerse the pearls must never be done. That's because running water contains c1 with a certain quantity which will do harm to the brightness of the surface of the pearls. In fact, mineral water is the best to be used for cleaning and immersing the pearls. In addtion, before sending the worn pearls to the safety-deposit box in a bank, you should wash them first lest the accumulated dirt would discolor the pearls. The relative humidity of the safety-deposit boxes in the bank used to preserve cash and documents is low, the condition of storage are not suitable for gems with wet properties like pearls. Therefore they should be taken out to be soaked and moisturized regularly.

Taking them of at proper time is the maintenance: the jewels should be worn and taken off according to the difference of people, things, places, times and goods, which is the right way to do this. But this is not suitable for people who are busy. But you`d better take it off when you are washing hands, because the soaps contain some certain alkaline matter which may damage the weak stones if accumulate. And the soap is also easy to store in the slits of ring, so this will influent the sheen and brightness of ring largely. And washing, doing housework, and swimming and so on, these will also easy to collision and hurt jewelry.

Be care of acid and alkaline matter: the matters we touch in daily life or food, all contain some acid or alkaline in different density degree. These acid and alkaline matters in different density degree may damage the precious stones, especially pearl and other organic stones. The daily used cosmetic shall be avoided of straining the stones.

Pay attention on the order of wearing precious stones: when you are wearing prong setting precious stones or rings, you shall pay attention to not hook the clothes or bags. In general, you shall wear you precious stones after putting on your clothes. Think about this: wearing a claws stone ring, then putting on clothes and stockings, as to clothes, stockings and stones, is it a dangerous thing?

Magical function of small jewelry bag: you may hear that someone`s peal is damaged, sliding into the waterspout or mislaid on the wash platform when they take it off and wash hands. Actually it is not new and can be avoided. When you buy the jewelry, all the jewelry stores will send you a small jewel box. Put them into the box, and they will look much more beautiful. In fact, this small jewel box has its own magical function, its volume is small and it will not occupy much place, so it is portable, when you want to wash your hands outside you may take your finger ring off and conveniently put it into the jewel box. If you form these habits, you can decrease the probability of losing the jewels greatly. So please don`t feel bother, bring a jewel box at hand!

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