The Significance of Environmental Protection

Generally speaking, environmental protection is the general name of all human activities which take use of environmental scientific theories and methods to coordinate the relationship between humans and the environment, to solve various issues and to protect and improve the environment. Famous Blood Pressure Monitor On Fire They include taking administrative, legal, economic, scientific and technological measures, to make rational use of natural resources. Fashion Trend in the Fall: Blood Pressure Monitor Prevent environmental pollution and disruption to keep and develop ecological balance. Expand the reproduction of useful natural resources to ensure the development of human society. The involvement of environmental protection is quite wide and comprehensive, which involves natural and social sciences in many fields, and also its unique study subject.

  • The protection of the natural environment and the prevention of its deterioration include the protection of green peaks, clean water, blue sky and oceans. This involves that human cannot mining and cutting freely, cannot water and release randomly, cannot feed, open up wasteland and tap the natural resources immoderately, cannot destroy the ecological equilibrium of nature and so on. This belongs to the macroscopic level, which mainly lies in that governments at all levels function well.
  • Environment protection also includes protecting human habitation and living environment in order to make human work and labor better. It refers to every aspect of people's basic necessities of life should conform to the requirements of science, health, and green. This belongs to the microscopic level, which lies in both residents' conscious actions and governments' policies and regulations as a ensurement. Only rely on the guide of the neibourhood's education organization and the unity of all people can the problem be solved.
  • Protection of the creatures on the earth, species preservation, conservation of plant vegetation, returns of animals, biodiversity, reasonable genetically-modified practices are also needed. On the particular, special conservation of endangered creatures, the recovery of endangered species, the expansion of habitat, our humans should harmoniously coexist with other creatures, do not bully other species and so on.

The relationship between the three levels: You have me, and I have you, that is, they are inseparable, who have focused but also on unity. The three are not contradictory, and also not antagonistic. For residents, our protection to our living environment is protection to natural environment indirect. If we damage our living environment, we damage natural environment indirectly. To the governments, they should focus both on the macroscopical protection and the microcosmic protection. They should start masses, educate masses and make the environmental protection a civil voluntary motion.

The term of "Environmental Protection" has been widely adopted around the world after the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in 1972. For instance, the former Soviet Union gradually replaced the traditional term "natural protection" with a more scientific concept "environmental protection". Make use of theories and methods of modern environmental science, deeply know, grasp the root causes of pollution and environmental damage and harm by making better use of resources protect the environment and restore the ecology based on plans.

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