The Improper Ways In Teaching To Those Intelligent Children

Around us, indeed there are many smart children whose intelligence develops in great advance. To Have an Appreciation To the Top 5 mother of bride dresses in September at Once! You Will be Impressed! Many smart children's parents spend more time and energy to teach their children. The Trend Bible to wedding flower girl dresses Alternatives

Actually, the unusual development of the intelligence will cause an imbalance in the development of the body and mind of smart children. 5 Kinds of tiffany jewellery Allow You More Appealing If the imbalance can not be understood by the parents, they can not take appropriate measure to maintain the children's physical and mental development. At the same time, they can not lay a solid foundation for the full development of the superiority of their children's intelligence, either.

Therefore, to guide the healthy development of smart kids, some wrong ideas on education must be removed. Some parents believe: the more excellent their children are, the more outstanding performance all aspects of intellectual development will have. For instance: if a child is extraodinary good at math, his parents would expect him to have a same ability of reading, painting, dancing, playing a musical instrument as he does in math.

Some 5-year-old children can reach the intelligent level of around 9-year-old in a particular aspect, while their other aspects are still close to the actual age. If parents require them to have exceptional intelligence in all disciplines and all activities, it may make them tired because they can not achieve parents' expectation.

As a result, they'll lose more intelligence potentials than ordinary kids due to mental pressure. Some parents consider that since children's intelligence develops in advance, then they should be ahead of the normal children in other aspects, like sentiment. They cannot accept that their children are as innocent and naïve as normal children.

For example, they find in mother's it very strange: when the kids are freely discussing the scientific problems with adults, they also climb to mother's lap, snuggle in mother's arms, ask for Mom's hug and kiss. Actually, smart child is as same as the normal child that they need the Emotional excitability, the exposed nature as well as relations to meet. Children's emotional development has its own characteristics, which has no directly relation with children's intellectual talent, if parents pay no attention to meet the children's emotional needs, the children may often feel uneasy because of innocence of their childishness. We can often see such situations: when see intelligent children talking or playing intellectual games with older children, parents would be very happy. While greatly annoyed at seeing them doing sports, playing games, or even grouped with `dull children` of the same age.

In fact, the smart children is just develop much faster in intellegence than ordinary children, and their physical development level did not exceed their peers. If parents deprived kids' right to play with their peers, it will affect the kids' physical development and make their height, weight, vital capacity and muscle strength lag behind other kids of the same age. Clever children's physical would declined, and brain development, cognitive development would also be affected. Parents should lift the ban and encourage the kids to play freely with their peers, so that they will obtain good benefit in both physical development and intelligence development.

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