Some Achievable Business Models of 3G

From Europe to North America, and to the Asia-Pacific, 3G has spring up all over the world. The biggest difference between 3G and 2G is that the former shoulder a historical mission to change usage habits of mobile phones.3 New You Should Know

The voice-conversation-based application models of 2G era and it turns to data business-based model in 3G age. How to Buy Infrared Thermometer In other words, in addition to voice services, people need to find more applications based on wireless data transmission.Polished Blood Pressure Monitor are Absolutely In Reign for July

By giving full play of imagination and creativity, Global mobile operators as well as the industry chain partners have cooperatively developed multiple creative and effective business models, among which there are three kinds of business models proved to be available.

The first one is to use the ad income to make an allowance to or cover the customers` WAP fee. This model is successful in the distribution of mobile music and games, mobile Internet browsing, mobile society net and many other WAP services.

The Second business model is to build diversified rate structure to reduce the fee of connection with the internet. One of the common reflections of this pattern is to make an assessment of a service by multiple users. for example: many people share the same broadband in an internet bar.

Another form of reflection is to provide service that require a small amount of royalties without fixed charges. For example, collect commission charge according to every transfer transaction or collect listening fees of streaming media music according to the time.

The final mode is to sell a certain basic service to the users affordable, and then cross-sell or up-sell optional services. The third mode is to cooperate with the government and / or nonprofit organizations to improve the mobile service for community health care, education or welfare. By this model, the operators could enjoy the subsidies, preferential loans and/or preferential tax policy. American carriers Sprint 3G network developed mobile medical service.

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