Skills of Overcoming Seven Common Faults of Cars

Inexplicable increase in car fuel consumption, engine suddenly misfire, result of wiper scraping wash is not satisfactory and so on, they are not big problems, but they would be real headache for all the car owners. How I Use Evernote to Organize Everything (25) How to solve these problems? At present, many owners are usually not attach importance to the basic maintain of vehicle, and send to the repair shop or 4s shop for maintenance when the problems get out , which is lead to the increase cost of keeping a car while the owner is also consumed a lot of time and effort on it. Gisele Bundchen’s Reason for Pulse Oximeter Actually, car owers can avoid many problems through daily maintenance.

The engine misfire when the car starts. Reason: engine start is completed by the spark plug ignition which promoted by electric current in battery, the engine may have the following two reasons for why misfire. First of all, it is probably caused by rusty battery or leaked battery, secondly, it is probably caused by the wet of engine spark plugs in rainy days. Maintenance method: check whether the battery fluid is plenty or not every one or two months. It is proper when the liquid level is between the two lines. At the same time you should also check the liquid level of the difference tank. If the liquid is enough, you may unscrew the battery lid and pour in the distilled water for filling the surface. After that check on the terminal block of the storage battery and use iron bush to sweep the dirt. If the terminal block is badly damaged, use sandpaper to rub along the inside part. If spark plug is wet, take if out and roast with lighter in order to evaporate of moisture quickly.

The noise of exhaust system increases and the exhaust emissions are beyond standard. It is because that exhaust system gases of the engine oxidate under high temperature which lead to the leak of exhaust system. Maintenance: check the exhaust system piping, interfaces (muffler etc in particular) periodically, to check if it get gas corrosion or whether the interface pad has been washed or not. If you find the exhaust system is leak you should repair or replace the parts to the 4s shop. Annual inspections can not only ensure the exhaust system normally work, but also more importantly reduce the emission of the off-gas harmful substances in the environment pollution.Inexplicable increase in fuel consumption. Cause: There are many reasons for fuel consumption. However, the most common reasons is the owner often overlook to check the tire pressure. The insufficient of tire pressure will not only increases the driving resistance, causing increased fuel consumption, but also affect tire life. Maintenance: When you drive a car, pay more attention to check if all the tires have gas, and check the tire pressure regularly . Do not forget the check to spare tire ,so as to aviod find a spare tire have no gas when you need to replace tires. Tyre pressure is higher under high temperature, so it is more accurate to measure the tyre pressure in cold weather and shade. Usually, tyres should be changed position after driving every 10,000 kilometers in case that abrasion level of the tyres is too huge. If you need to replace the badly worn tires you had better replace two or four together and you may intercross before and after the tires with the same lines. In addition, the fold line pattern may save fuel.

Engine performance decreased with increased fuel consumption. Reason: This is caused by inadequate fuel combustion and increased carbon deposition of engine which is probably because you did not change the oil, oil filter, air filter and fuel filter for a long time. Mainenance method: oil, oil cleaner should be changed after driving every 5,000 kilometers while air cleaner and fuel cleaner need to be changed after driving every 10,000 kilometers. Otherwise the impurities in air, fuel and oil will wear the machine parts and back up the fuel system. Then the car engine cannot operate normally. Auto pump is damage. Reason: the irrational behavior of refueling oil may cause damage. If you often travel on urban areas and convenient to pump ,then you don`t need to fill the fuel full, as this may lead to failure of the oil floats and sensors, distortion and increase fuel oil form,so it is proposed that owners pump when the fuel oil consumption is almost end.

Battery is unstable.Reason: Abnormal Changes in the electrolyte will affect the battery performance and reliability. Maintenance method: when you drive in summer, the storage battery is alway over charging. The electrolytic solution of the vaporizes fast and pole plate is easily damaged. Therefore, distilled water should be poured into the storage battery very often. In winter, completely dischange the battery pack and notice that if the electrolytic solution is frozen. The wiper scraper has no effect to clean the glass. Reason: wiper blade split and result in the scraping is dirty. At the same time you should also check the liquid level of the difference tank. If the liquid is enough, you may unscrew the battery lid and pour in the distilled water for filling the surface. Maintenance means: first of all owners need to correct the bad habits by dry scraping. It is best to spray some water first and use the wiper scraper, so that it is benefit to protect the wiper.> Second, if wipers cause hoarse sond and the wipers are in good quality, you had better go to the 4s shop to adjust the angle of the wipers. Finally, if the vehicles are not used for a long time, the owners can find some small things, such as the foam or wooden articles, pad it under the wiper to separate the wipe blade from windshield, so you can extend the life of wiper.

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