Shakespeare's Classic Romeo and Juliet The Tragedy Romeo and Juliet

I read [Romeo and Juliet" ten years ago. I just payed attention to the plot and could not feel the charm of the works. When re-reading, we will still be shocked by the faithful love between Romeo and Juliet, especially the spirit of humanism that will never extinguish, as well as the artistic charm of language. Romeo and Juliet is full of humanist spirit that other arts lack or have not. This is the point of Ideological level. Humanism is a concept of living, ideals, values, and a spirit of noble realm, which should be pursed and realized by people in any time, thus it is eternal. Today human society has stepped into 21 century, material culture has reached a quite height, but development of quick development does not equal increase of mental culture. On the contrary, egoism, utilitarianism, money worship and so on are damaging human's spiritual life in large degree. Romeo and Julie prove dignity and value as a human through their persistant persuiting of humanist spirit, which is the most exceiting of all.What to Send for Father? formal dresses !

Shakespeare created about ten comedies and one tragedy at the first stage. Basic Knowledge about your First-Rate mother of bride dresses His comedy mainly revealed the ideal of the humanists, sing love and friendship, and publicize liberation, freedom of marriage and individual rights for happiness. Really?! Julia Roberts Wear mother of bride dresses in Soiree! Meanwhile, the comdies critize class concept, feudal moral principles and feudal oppress, and expose the capitalistic ugly. These comdies inculde A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Merchant of Venice, The Merry Wives of Windsor,Much Ado About Nothing and Virtues of Harmony. The "Romeo and Juliet" created in 1595 is the only tragedy during that period, but in terms of the ideological connotation, it is exactly the same as other comedies. Romeo and Juliet die for love tragic, but their love is so pure and beautiful, and their love finally overcomes the feudal oppression and prejudice, demonstrating the dynamic life and the final victory of the spirit of humanism. Humanism is the soul of Remeo and Juliet. This play lasts forever just cause it's full of humanism.

Trough the ups and downs of the drama conflict, numerous distinct characters and beautiful and lyric characters' language, [Romeo and Juliet" depicts a soul-stirring love tragedy. The hero and heroine were born in two feudal families who were enemies for generations. They fell in love with each other in an encounter but it is impossible for them to get maried. They turned to Lawrence priest. The peiest sympathized and understood them so he held a wedding for them secretly. However feud patriarch Capulet betrothed his daughter Juliet to young noble Paris and commanded instant marriage. Juliet seeked help from Laurence again who gave her hypnotic for false death to escape this disaster. Romeo was punished to be exiled for killing Tybalt who was nephew of Lady Capulet. Romeo was so sad when gaining death news of his wife, returned to Verona with intension of suicide for love, and he suicide by taking poisons, Waken from the coma, Juliet found her husband das dead and she took the poison and cut her throat. The tragic come-off of Romeo and Juliet made the parents know the heavy price of feud, and they become reconciled with the auspices of the Prince.

It can be seen from the outline of this story, two feudal parents Capulet and Montague represent the outworn feudal thoughts and traditions who ignore the freedom and love of teenagers so as to form the hatred and contradiction between families, and to have suffered from their own doings, loosing children of their own. While Romeo and Juliet represented a new kind of humanist idea and they struggled against feudal ideas and traditions with courage and resourcefulness. Though the outcome of the struggle was a tragedy, but in return it gained the victory and promotion of the spirit of humanism. Certainly in this drama concentrated humanism strongly in two main roles-Romeo and Juliet, who was built exquisitely by author, aesthetic image deposited humanism ideal of author. Romeo and Juliet`s romance of life and death is really shaking the universe and the weeping the ghosts and gods. This kind of unsophisticated, gracious and moving and tragic love made countless mundane loves pale.

The spirit of humanism in 14 - 16 century in Europe is the life concept and value concept on the upswing period of bourgeois. From the view today, it natural has much limitation of era. But it uses human as main body, the thoughts core requiring respect human essence and value has not been outdated. Under large area of lost of humanism at present day, we also need to draw mental nutrients from Romeo and Juliet.

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