Santo Versace: the Other Owner in Versace

When people mention world famous brand Versace, everyone could remembr the designer Jenie Versace who had been murdered. The New tiffany jewellery for Summer While talking about Santo Versace, most people will feel strange. Have On Highest Series of evening dresses Actually, he is the elder brother of Gianni Versace of the same parents. How to NOT Wear mother of bride dresses : Plain Tricks

Santo Versace had served as chairman and the presidency in Versace company as early as 1977 Since Gianni Versace had a great gift of fashion designs and full of wit on it, he at last launched out into business for himself in 1972 by setting up Versace Company to start his career with family supports. His major was administration in the university, and responsible for the administrative work, he did a familiar work with ease smoothly.

During the co-work with younger brother, for proud achievement of Jenny Versace, he did not have any envy, but felt proud for him, and appraised Jenny as the most superb articost in the world. "He has a strong creative personality and he designed the same thing like art with full of appreciation value. His talent is not limited to fashion, he is also very prominent in other areas, stage performances, clothing, accessories, interior design, are all his specialty. [Versace said.

Santo admits that he adore Jenie, he has not seen him as partern or designer, but the sage.

Hill Versace thinks that a brand succeeding with design creativity alone is somewhat weak. He thought, [other would pay attention to design of Versace, but what matched the design is a piece of linings with good texture. Versace produces the highest quality material, so we have the best material in the world." Of course, the price is not to be ignored and we will get a proper balance with price and the material. "

Both Santo and his younger brother feel it is necessary to issue household utilities seires of Versace, since household utilities can reflect the individual taste most besides fashion clothes. Santo Versace supported his brother quitely and take care of everything in good order, so Jenie • Versace can design with one heart and one mind without the worries behind. Gianni enjoys praise and respect in public, while Santo worked hard without showing off. Jennie Versace and his brother and sister got together to form a unique Golden Triangle in the world, at the same time, which had achieved the myth of the Kingdom for Versace fashion. Although Versace won't have Gianni any longer, Santo and his sister will put more efforts to Versace, which will continue to run in success.

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