Running Go Against Physical Desire for Food

British scholars discovered that people participate in jogging, swimming and other different types of sports will have different sense of hunger, there are significant differences in the required food categories. This research results overthrows the general viewpoint that "the more you exercise. the more you will eat", and is good for the people choosing the seemly sports events according to their requirement.Special Trend Bible that Deserve to Learn for Maintaining Your ghd straighteners uk

It is reported that Stensell, Dr. Expert shopping Trend Bible: ghd straighteners uk of Sports Science of Lafubale University, found that people had different feelings of hunger and different needs of food after taking different sport-exercises. For example, people often do not feel hungry after jogging, instead, they just need foods with more water, but not easy to fill the stomach, such as fruits. Instead, people usually feel hungry after swimming and want to eat food with higher adipose, while they want to eat food contained more carbohydrates or protein after lifting weights.Lately Rachel McAdams was Criticized for Wearing GHD Straighteners UK

In addition, the environment of sports may also influence people`s sense of hunger. For example, swimming in cold water makes people feel hungry and want to eat high-fat foods, while running in warm day will have opposite effect. People usually think that exercise helps increase the appetite, but the discovery of Stensell overthrew this view,indicating that appetite and exercise intensity are not necessarily ralated.

The research findings of Steer,G. were published in book "the influence of resistance and aerobic exercise on hunger". According to his preliminary analysis, different sports have different impacts on the secretory volume of hunger hormone which controls the appetite of people. Both of running in the hot weather and swimming in cold water are sports in big intensity, but the effect are contrary. Running in hot weather can restrain the secretion of the hungry hormone while swimming in cold water can not. However, the low-intensity sports will not work on the "hunger hormone" secretion. For instance, there is no difference for sense of hunger when people have a walking and sitting for the same hour.

The research results guide people to choose the sports properly in order to take exercises effectively. Stengcier says that the restraint to the appetite of running and other sports can last for hours after the sports, if you want to lose weight, we can choose running, and there is no need to worry about the increase of the appetite after sports.

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