Rolex Brings Out Luxury Mobile Telephone That Cost 65,000 Dollars

Rolex has recently launched a version of century collection luxurious mobile phone, The mobile phone exploits the most top-notch configuration, at the top of the mobile phone there is mounted with a noble Rolex watch. Blood Pressure Monitor In Stuttgart Apparently, this time, Rolex has racked their brains to get money from top management`s pockets before the financial storm is going to completely drift off.5 False Ideas You Should Realize About Blood Pressure Monitor

There is a 20 inches HD grand-look display with 800megapixel camera. and is equipped with auto-focus camera to camera shooting and take picturea with clear and delicate screen, it is not a problem to watch a large DVD. The 16GB memory shows its generosity, which makes various kinds of office software operated with an ideal speed, just like a portable office.

The built-in Google Maps navigation equipment can lead you to anywhere that you want to. Strong 3G and DOLBY sounds fulfilled the need of every businessman at work or entertainment. Aviation high-precision metal etching mobile phone keypads, 18 carats diamond elegant embeded in the Rolex dial, which on top of the mobile phone.

30-carat first-class sapphire makes the navigation keys of the mobile phone dazzling at once, Besides, the dial key makes of rare rose diamond and power key makes of emerald, which are luxury and expensive.

The outside of ROLEX mobile phone adopts fine stainless steel, which is all hand-polished. the wear resistance force of the screen created by crystal with ultra-high hardness, it goes without saying, Internal structure is the same as the mechanism of Rolex watch, which has passed a special anti-vibration treatment.

Which drives away your worries about that it is only a precious ornament. The version of mobile phone pushed by Rolex is worth 450,000 kronor,about 65,000 dollars. Imagine that if it is treated as a business gift, then the negotiation should be a minor one.

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