Review on My Thoughts on The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

What kind of existence does fate have? He is inseparable as a shadow and warm as the sun which is deemed to warm the hearts. 4 Things You Must Keep in Mind About wedding flower girl dresses But more often he is deep and frightening like a nightmare. Sayings goes like [God controls all"will undoubtedly be brilliant. Hamlet, wrote during the year of 1600 and 1601, had been held in esteem for centuries. It still shocked us till now. It was neither the factor of plot, nor the excellent literary techniques, but the problems it reflected. To a great extent, it described an original tragedy of people. The personas had different status and characters and they all suffered wreck from the same thing. That was the control of their own desire and the great cage of the fate.How to Protect the Picture of mother of bride dresses ?

These circumstances haven`t disappeared since the birth of human beings. tiffany jewellery In Stuttgart And they are born with humans and also died with humans. What the main character Hamlet faced firstly was his ideal world was disillusioned. In the beginning, he was in a way at his childhood, but he had not experienced such a big setback and lived in a simple circumstances. Learning the orthodox thoughts of the west, he regarded human being as an extraordinary masterpiece. How noble reason! How great strength! How beautiful appearance! How gentle behavior! He was like an angel in the behavior!In wisdom he was like a God! The beauty of the world! The spirit of things long! At last, his noble father who was admiring died and his mother who was known as chastity remarried the uncle who ursurped the throne less than a month. He was suspecious of the world which led to his subsequent indecision. He encountered ghost, and knew that it was his uncle who killed his father, which aggravated his disappointment to the real society, denied his original innocence and made him distrust anything, [the ghost I saw may be the incarnation of devil". By playing a play he planned, he discovered the great sin of his uncle. However, this cannot end his hesitation. Why? Because he is not the kind of man who makes only big speech; instead, suspicion makes him thinks more and deeper.

The original perfect thing did not exist and chastity could not withstand deaire and morality could not withstand greedy. He thought he should revenge, but the one with bad morality was his mother. He had her blood. And his uncle who killed his father was also a human being who had thoughts. And even if he succeeded in his revenge, would everything be back? Therefore, he said: To be or not to be, that is a question. Living is miserable. Death is desperately creepy. He met a problem which can not be answered and escaped.

This condition that Hamlet met was unique, analyzed carefully, we can find, the hand of living grasped so tight to everyone. The Queen has nothing to do with the sudden death of the old King. As a female, she has to choose between morality and desire. To be a widow, she can have a virtuous name; but marring the new King, she can satisfy the desire. Then, what`s the stain of her soul? There was no stain before? Would she be happy if she chose morality? She was doomed to be unfortunate when the king died. Then, what`s the blot in her soul? Did not she have before? Even if she chose the ethic, whether she will be happy? Her unfortunate has been decided at the moment the king died. She was powerless to change her misfortune at the very start. After all, which she chose was the misfortune, but not her destiny. The new king who seized the throne was the biggest villain in this drama, He is moral corruption. He wanted to be the king and had desire to the queen. But the king was other people, his brother. He was not the destined king. We can not name the things which not belong to his destiny a loss. He faced his ideal world disillusioned like other people in this drama. But he struggled to get it. In fact at the moment, he presented a heroic spirit, he bravely fighted for what absolutely not belong to him.

People say that the plots in the play may be too far-fetched. How could it be possible that all people died at last? But this is just a kind of reflection of the reality. It has shown us the end of a group of people who have been trying to be against their fates. They tried to change the destiny without any results. They tried to restore the recollections without anything obtained. The fustration which everyone shares may be the greatest misfortunate of their own.

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