Requisite Common Sense About Healthy Living

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  • You may feel yourself burnt after eating the spicy food, so you can put a pinch of salt into mouth, contain it for a while, spit it out and rinse, then you may feel well.
  • If you have yellow teeth, you are suggested to put the peanut into your mouth after they are chewed, and then brush your teeth for three minutes, it is a very effective method.
  • If a small area of skin is damaged or burned, scalded, you could smears a little toothpaste and it may stop bleeding and pain immediately.
  • Washing the tea cups in which have left unsightly tea stains with toothpaste can leave the cups clean inside.
  • When you erect your head and drop eye-drops, you can slightly open mouth, so that your eyes would not blink in a mess.
  • Pasting the vitamin C on the ulceration in mouth can cure it when the vitamin C melts.
  • If dust granule goes into your eyes, please close your eyes and cough furiously for a while, dust granule will automatically get out of your eyes.
  • After washing face, stick some thin salt on both sides of the nose with your fingers and gently massage, then rinse it with clean water, so that comedo and acne will be cleaned, the pores becoming smaller.
  • When you have just been bitten by a mosquito, apply some soap on it and the itch will stop.
  • If your throat or gum is inflamed, cut a watermelon into small pieces at night, and then eat them with salt. Remember that it must be at night. The symptoms will relieve at the moment, and you will recover the next day.

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