Porsche Cayman Got The Reputation The Most Practical Type And The Best Sports Car

Porsche Cayman S selected by the U. Resume Blood Pressure Monitor on New Year's EveS. Basic Knowledge about your Must-See Infrared Thermometer automobile magazine, Motor Trend, as the 2009 annual "best practices driving mode."

Almost at the same time the British car magazine "Auto Express" also award Cayman the title of "Best Sports Car" in its 2009 annual new car. In these two polls, the mid-engine hard top Roasters of Porsche received unanimous favorable comment from experts with its excellent sports driving dynamics, precise manipulation, exquisite feedback and timely response. Equipped with PDK Porsche dual-clutch gearbox, Cayman S prove its superiority in the "Motor Trend" in the ordinary road and track, defeating the other nine models pure sports car, and finally jump out in front.

The testing group concluding two professional drivers Massimiliano "Max" Angelelli and Randy Pobst did test to the cars on the racing tracks of laguna Seca in California and chose the best drivers car.

Experts spoke highly of precise steering of Cayman and this Porsche dual-clutch gearbox Porsche got the final prize in the most harsh selection. As an international renowned magazine, the circulation of "Spinella" has up to 1.1 million and owns 7.6 million readers, which is recognized as one of the most authoritative auto magazines in United States. British car magazine "Auto Express" for the Cayman in the sports car's outstanding performance in the field also spoke highly of.

In addition, by virtue of superior power, perfect balance and perfect combination of high flexibility, Cayman eventually won the "best roadster" title. In addition to Boxer's unique roar of the engine, the testing expert for the Cayman through the pairs of large-size luggage compartment and tailgate provide excellent practicality is also no shortage of praise.

The second generation of Cayman was put on global market in February this year, equipped with six cylinder Boxer engine newly developed. It guarantees that the fuel economy and performance are both kept in the optimum condition. For the Cayman S equipped with PDK, the 3.4L power unite generates a power as high as 320hp. Combining the Sport Chrono components, it takes only 4.9s for the car to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h, while the fuel consumption stands at 9.4L/100km only. Cayman is equipped with 2.9 liter power unit able to generate the maximum output power of 265 hp, the same match with the PDK, the fuel efficiency has also been further improved, 100 kilometers just 9.1 liters fuel consumption.

No doubt, these two models are fully meet the stringent European EU5 emission standards and the U.S. ULEV standards. different with other competitors in the " best practices drive type" Award, fuel consumption of Cayman S was even lower than the U.S. gas-guzzler tax. Therefore, there is no need to pay for special tax levied by the relevant departments against high fuel consumpted vehicles. Guided by professional coaches of Porsche, the journalists got a thorough understanding of this new Porsche model's external esthetics and internal sports performance. Among the most notable features include direct fuel injection system of the V8 power unit, PDK and the matching start / stop system. The combination of shifting drive system and power unit initiated by Porsche not only enhances cars` dynamic performance. but also reduces the exhaust emission effectively.

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