Paul Could Not Fight Against Lakers And The Ingenious Paul Did Not Displayed Well In Hornets

The Hornets had a challenge to the Lakers in the Staples Center, as a result, the Hornets was defeated because of their incompetence. Fall Brilliance of GHD Straighteners As the leading star of the Hornets, Chris. Hey! Stop Damage Your Impeccable ghd straighteners uk Paul only sparked in the second quarter, in which he kept helping his teammates with seven assists. It's a pity that the excellent role he played did not last long. In the first and third quaters, the Hornets lost 10 points and 11 points respectively and before the begginnig of the fourth quarter, it had trailed by 24 points, the race turned into the litter time.

The data reveals that Paul had played nearly 30 minutes and had 8-time warfare shot of which he hit only three times.

Of which 7 times were two-point shot and 1 time was three-point shot, he stood on the freethrow line 11 times, hitting 9 of them, finally scored 15 points.

As to assist, he delivered merely 1 assist both in 1st and 3rd quarter except the 7 assists in 2nd quarter. And the 4th quarter was spent on warm bench. So his assists remained 9 after the end of the game. In the Paul's opposite sides, among the members of the Lakers' point guards, Fisher got eight points and two secondary attacks within fourteen minutes, Brown, with fifteen points and two secondary attacks within twenty-one minutes, reached the hit rate of six out of eight.

Although Farmar felt bad, gained 20 minutes of on-stage time by virtue of pretty good assists and lots of garbage time, and scored 6 points and 5 assists at last.

The only praiseable place of Paul was his performance in the second section. Though they went behind for more than 10 points, Paul played his best level in the second section. Starting from the rest 9 minutes 37 seconds of the section, he assisted Percy hit the 3 points ball. From still having 9 minutes and 37 second to assist Posey to get three-point shot to having 2 minutes and 33 second to assist Okafor shooting, helped his team keep the scores between 37 and 45 and made the suspense of ending last to the third quarter.

However, except for these seven minutes, his other time can only be descried as depressing. No matter the scoring by himself or the assisting to teammates, Paul didn`t finish the job as a leader to push his team forwards. His opponent was on the lead with duble-digit points in the first and third quaters respectively, making the fourth litter time and Poul had no longer retured to the stadium.

However we could not blame Paul too much for all this. After all current Hornets is greatly different from the high-spirited Histati. Under the instruction of saving money strategy of boss. Their deal caused leave of Chandler, and almost give-away of Starting Shooting Guard Rusual Butler to Clippers.

All these actions not only harmed team strength, but what`s more important that the whole team lost the positive fighting spirit, which caused all players think there is no hope staying here and all just idle away time. Paul's strength is beyond question. As a point guard of the cenozoic era, he has laid his position before the two sports competition seasons.

However, there was a saying in Chinese was called wasting everyday, at present, Paul and his eternal opponent Jose Manuel Calderon faced the unpredictable future of their teams, seemed to run a trend with killing time step by step, the new generational geniuses seemed to be toward the abyss. Maybe, the best way to display his whole brilliance is to send him to a team with full hope in the consideration of Paul and all the fans who love him.


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