My Views on the Big Day of Valentine's Day

The atmosphere of festival is better,it is an evidence that the business is more successful,for most atmoshere of festival is propagandized by businessman little by little. Hot Exhibition - links of london charms In Mode More and more lonely men and women, willing to jump into a commercial fire pit, free to live in which the commercial preaches the feelings model, until the purse has been hollowed out, feeling's heat has been converted into U. How to NOT Wear Blood Pressure Monitor : Wonderful TipsS. dollars thickness. Let us listen to these stupid ads: Do you love her? If you do,send her. Do you want to hedge your love? Send her diamond .Do you want to to create a warm and romantic atmosphere of the festival ? Please go to-- Vocational Resort . - So bad as this kind of advertisement messages, unluckily tug on the infatuated men and women's heartstrings, to be involved happily--although under the major circumstances it is because the women 's crazy, but not the men.

This festival that makes man excited is not only Saint Valentine's Day.At christmas day,man also invites women to have a wonderful dinner .see a film. No wonder in the minds of the men who have increasingly more obligations, festivals are not like festivals themselves, but more like a "rob day" - the wallet robbed, the two-month salary suffers robbery in the name of "love". One ambivalent problem,since love is relationship taken by both side of men and women,why does it take in festival? Don't men get fooled in the game of "equality of men and women"?

Women like to say: As long as both of us are in love with each other, every day is Valentine's Day. At this time, men should apparently maintain enough vigilance to this sentence. It does not mean that Valentine's Day should be reduced to an ordinary day, instead, every ordinary day should be promoted as the Valentine's Day--remember to spend it. It's said that most women are considerate and naturally frugal. But we are away from this more or less from the equalty of Valentine's Day and money-spending day. It's necessary for the couple to calm down and think the meaning of festival and love again. In my opinion, if man cooks a dinner for his wife on Valentine's Day, it is better than any delicates. The real rice is made of real heart. Can a woman believe that the head cook of a restaurant is your lover?

Unfortunately, most women are more willing to accept restaurant chef's service, but disdained egg fried rice which cost men the wisdom of the exhaustion of lifetime. Love, which is in addition to the feelings between people and people, which can be anything that can buy such as goods, services, ideas, and all kinds of garbage. Man suffer a lot from the women, while the business men smile more happily due to the women. Festivals has become men's tickets which can receive regularly until men are going broke. But he has to keep saying " Happy Valentine's Day!" To be happy, don't expect others to give, you must know that nobody will save you riding a horse; And the meat pie falling from the sky can only break down your head. To be happy should depend on yourselves. Maybe I also hope that this farewell performance is stunning and miserable beauty, just like the sky blooming fireworks. But if love is really to end, we should choose the ways of simple and uneasy to remember.

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