Madonna - National Icon

Ambious Mandonna always knows what she really wants. The cover of the new album Celebration is an image greeting to Marilyn Monroe, which displays her heart of being a super idol for all. Although it's only an best album, "Celebration" win the champion in its fist week release in England. Madonna is worthy of the brightest star.Who’s Prettiest of Them All? Abercrombie & Fitch !

Except few new songs, other classical songs all appeared in albums of "The Immaculate Collection" (published in 1990) and "GHV2"(published in 2001). Pro Show You to Buy Fabbest Infrared Thermometer Therefore, "Celebration" can be regard as the last chance to make money for Warner Brothers before they lose Madonna who is beneficial to them. The Top 5 Best Pulse Oximeter Such kind of behavior is reasonable, after all, Madonna spent her most splendent time in Warner Brothers.

September was the month when American songstress collectively broke out, September Britney Spears issued her new VS selected songs, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston also issued their new albums. . Every woman singer is either busy returning and resurfacing, or busy summarizing and moving forward. Everyone is busy with her own wishful thinking. Madonna is the most successful female singer, she don't have to worry either about going back to music circles or about her development. She is the one who defines the market tendency and the taste of funs, which other female singers have to follow.

Two of the new songs in the best album "Celebration", one is "Celebration", the one she cooperate with the word top DJ Paul Oakendold and the other is the "Revolver", which is cooperate with rap singer Lil Wayne and these two songs are all some kind of dance music. If you want to find a singer having sung dances for 25 years as one day, Madonna seconds to none. Madonna's dance style has never stopped since 1983 to issue the first album, so no matter for what of rap, pop rock or R&B, all of them are "outdated" in front of Madonna.

Speaking of Madonna's keys to success, it can attribute to her sexiness and fearlessness, but those are not what only she has. But for sexy, there is Britney, for boldness there is Lady Gaga. Why is Mandonna was the most supreme one? There is no reason, only because she is Madonna, and in religious terms, Madonna it the one God chose.

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