Korea Fashion Industry : Expose The Competition of the "Eastern Gate"

Great East Gate, or [Dongdaemun", built in the Joseon Dynasty 600 years ago, is an important in Seoul together with South Great Gate and West Great Gate. but now when talking about Great East Gate, people more refer to the Great East Gate market where isn`t only a tourist scenic spot, but [shopping haven" in the hearts of Koreans and tourists and businessmen from neighboring countries.It Is Intelligent to Buy Pulse Oximeter for Your Truelove. Big Discount Now!

The Dongdaemun is located in the downtown of the Seoul. How to Taken Precautions against the Tamper of your Blood Pressure Monitor You can take NO.1 or NO.4 subway on the Dongdaemun,or just take the NO.2,4,5 to the Dongdaemun playgroud and then walk to the commercial district for five minutes. Since named for a wholesale market of fashion, Dongdaemum has been developed quickly, with 30 emporiums, more than 30,000 shops and 50,000 manufacturers, to be a flourishing down town where Seoul man would be definitely to. Meanwhile, it is one of the largest wholesale markets in Ascia. Just in the area spreading around 1km there are complete functions of fashion industry. There are many specialized enterprises such as cloth, production cloth design and currency. The advantages of the area cover: prominent costume development ability, diverse low-scale production, and rapid response system helps ensure the delivery in the shortest time, and reasonable price. At the same time, it is also Asia's largest cluster of the fashion industry, especially both the wholesale and retail exists, and is famous for many late-night shoppers.

Dongdaemun Fashion Market's main customers come from Asia and garment operators from all around the world.on retail,it services mainly 17-25 year-old people,the youngest and fashion group. The whole "eastern gate" is divided by the road in the middle. No.1 area is the Doosan Tower and No.2 area is around the sport ground. The first shopping district is mainly focus on retailing, and although it both have wholesale and retail, but in fact it is a high modernized retail market, and is mainly focus on the big shopping malls built recently. These shopping mall attracts young people from Korean and other coutries in the world by the latest styles,bright illumination,wide passages and brisk music.Doosan Tower,MIGLIORE,FREYA building are the most symbolic representation among them. At Great East Gate, there are many stores in every floor of a high-caliber shopping center. And in every floor, both men`s wear and women`s wear are available. One can try it on in dressing room before buying it.

Foreigners here are seen more and more as facilities designed for foreigners become more and more available. As to foreigners, garments here are not only cheap but also very stylish. Therefore, the clothes and ornaments wholesalers from Russia, Mongolia, and Africa came here recently, and one multi-countries shopping mall has been formed here. Flying home, you can get part of tax reimbursement in airport with a tax return form which you get from service center in the first floor with a ticket. What you do is just keep your ticket good.

If we call the first district mainly in retail as the morning market, then the second district mainly in wholesale will be the night market, because business hours for businessmen here are from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am the next day. So, it will be busier than the daytime here when it comes to the late night and early morning, but because it is mainly wholesale, so it is difficult to find a fitting room. Similar to the clothing wholesale markets in various places, the east gate can be said to be the largest wholesale market in South Korea, where collects businessmen purchasing clothes from various places of Asia such as local South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and so on, and its business is super hot. There are humane facilities everywhere in the Dongdaemun.It provides not only detailed introduction on each floor,but also sets up service kiosk for foreigners' cargo shipping. Many foreigners here feel that Great East Gate is now more than a traditional garment wholesale market. Prevalent fashion elements, fashion trend, convenient shopping environment and many other aspects of it are really worthy to stimulate and learn from.

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