International Community Collected International Community Can Boost for Haitian

At 16:53 local time on 12th, January 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti, the capital Port-au-Prince and a large part of which have been severely devastated. The president palace of Haiti and some govenmental departments were badly damaged in the earthquake, but lukily the president and the firs lady escaped unscatched. Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive on January 13 claimed that Haiti`s earthquake might cause as high as 100 thousand people to die. Until January 19, 2010, it is estimated the death toll may have over 20 thousand people.Proper Tips to Regain mother of bride dresses

The earthquake caused collapse of local buildings, beneath ruins of which many people were buried. And roads were blocked by the ruins of buildings, and some people beneath the ruins have died. The dozens of dead and injured people can be seen in the rubble. All the things began to shake. The people screamed "god" to scatter around. The houses began to collapse. The city was in chaos.Give an Outline of the Reasons of the Popularity of wedding flower girl dresses

Not long after the M7.0 earthquake, Haiti tool place 5.9 and 5.5 magnitude earthquake in succession. The headquarters of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Haiti were destroyed in the earthquake. After the earthquake, the international community gave a helping hand that would provide humanitarian assistance to Haiti, to provide 10 million U.S. dollars to Haiti for emergency aid. On 13 January, the UN secretary Ban Ki-moon claimed that he was very concerned about people and UN officals in Haiti, and continuted to focus on its progress. He has decided to send Edmond Mulet, the United Nations Assistant Secretary General and the former head of United Nations peacekeeping force in Haiti, to Haiti, he himself will visit Haiti as soon as possible.What is On Fire Now? Absolutely tiffany jewellery !

The world bank has asked a disaster condition assessment group to go there which would be responsible for the estimation of the damage and assissting to work out the rebuilding plan. The World Bank also said, it is preparing to mobilize a group of emergency supplies to sent to Haiti.The World Bank said that Haiti now has 38 million U.S. dollars of World Bank interest-free loans, to 4% of its total foreign debt. n view of the crisis in Haiti affected by the earthquake, the World Bank decided to waive the loans in the next five years in accordance with the terms of the repayment of capital, and commit to cancel the remaining debt.

The European Commission also decided to provide 3 million Euros of emergency aid to Haiti which suffered earthquake damage, and would provide subsequent assistance after further assessment of the disaster in Haiti. In addition, WFP is also sending high-energy biscuits and other food need not cook in the earthquake-stricken areas in Haiti; at the same time, WFP is also preparing for providing food rations to 200 million people in the future six months. Obama said the United States was prepared to aid Haiti. Obama said that he was very concerned about the situation of the affected people and continue to focus on the incident, "the preparation for help Haitian people has been ready." Doctors without Borders reported that there are at least two hospitals in good condition, whose doctors will prepare to offer service to almost five hundred people in need of emergency surgery.

Although international community lent a helping hand to Haiti, the life of those people who died in the earthquake can not be saved. And it was not the first time for Haiti to have such a disaster. Island of Hispaniola in Haiti which was a seismically active areas. In the history, it has repeatedly experienced destructive earthquakes. An earthquake which occurred in 1751 when the island of Hispaniola is still in the French colonial control.

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