Innovative Design Example : Shock Shock

The title of the thinnest laptop in the world has been a throne expected by a many laptop manufacturers for a long time, because it is the symbol of the manufacturers' strength. With the apply of the most advanced technology of research and development, they tend to put into a lot of manual labors and material resources without consideration of the cost in order to develop secretly, thus amazing the world with a single brilliant feat.Really?! Britney Spears Wear tiffany jewellery in Shindy!

It didn't take long after Sony had proposed the thinnest VAID X computer that Dell made a new record. Would You Wear wedding flower girl dresses ? It was quite surprised, for the reason that Dell was well known for network saling and good quality. Dell's Adamo XPS computer win the thinnest computer in the world in great advantage with a 9.99mm thin. Adamo XPS has much innovative design in many aspects, which break through Dell`s former formulated image in people`s mind. First, the cover of Adamo XPS is all aluminum material, increasing the whole instructure strength. Fine grinding makes it more comfortable to touch and it color makes it have more king style. If remove the LOGO in the screen roof of Adamo XPS which thickness is only 9.99mm, it will just like a large piece of metal material mouse pad. Both of the edge and corner of notebook computer have been processed to be smooth without any angles, which not only makes it beautiful but also can prevent the incidental scrape when you carry it. The traditional computer's under half body and upper half screen are quite normal. But the special Adamo XPS has narrowed the keyboard and body as much as possible. Also, it installs various extending interface and battery of the body around the screen frame, making use of display screen with LED back light which occupies only a small part of thickness.

The rest thickness can put the slim keyboard and body into it, making the screen thickness equal with the computer. Combined with their structural characteristics, move the shaft which was in the edge of the notebook screen in the past, at the shaft bottom is the Adamo XPS battery, it will support the keyboard and can produce a certain angle after opening the screen, which is more comfortable than the traditional notebook keyboard. Because after taking on it, the screen frame naturally becomes the fulcrum of the whole laptop, it is added with anti-skidding rubber around the edge. Where the keyboard and outer screen frame touches, the rubber is also applied, and the design in detail is fabulous all the same.The way to start the screen is novel: skidding your fingers, pilot light flashing, hasp relieved, and the screen appearing. The whole process is very smooth; hence, turning on the screen also becomes a kind of enjoyment. There is a touchable fillister with the function of electric capacity induction at the edge of the top cover of notebook computer`s screen. The blue light will be turned on with the sliding of your finger, like the headlight of the Knight Rider car and having a attractive affect. Then two locks at the corners of notebook computer`s keyboard will also be unlocked automatically. Only your single hand may open the screen, which is filled with scientific and fantastic color.

We must pay attention that if we want to open the completely closed laptop screen, we must in the context of plug in or battery power. Otherwise, it is impossible to turn it open, for it needs electronic support. Of course, it is meaningless to turn it on without electric. Firstly, due to the special design of body structure, the keyboard of the computer is raised to a certain angle. The screen`s angle will also change with the adjustment of keyboard`s angle. The screen has the problem of inadequate low viewing angle, so we must choose one between viewing angle and the appropriate angle, .in most of the cases, we often give up the appropriate keyboard to has a better screen effect. Besides, there exists a kind of keyboard cap going for aluminium alloy body. Adding that wiredrawing is applied, it touches very well, and it even shows its extraordinary status. However, without the illumination design for keyboard and the subsidiary locating point at the letter [F" and [J", it will have a little influence on typing in the dark or for those used for blindly typing.

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