Idol for Entire People - Middle-aged Madonna

With a big ambition, Madonna always know clearly what she wants, the new album named "Celebration" with a cover of saluting to Norma Jean Remix which expressed her desire to be the world idol for ever. Although it is a selected collection, the dubut of "Celebration" is still at the top of the charts in the United Kingdom. Mandonna is a trully supreme singer.Autumn’s Most Grateful wedding flower girl dresses Fashion Direction

Except few new songs, other classical songs all appeared in albums of "The Immaculate Collection" (published in 1990) and "GHV2"(published in 2001). So the selection album can be seen as Warner Brothers Records' last tool to make a fortune before releasing such a big fish as Madonna. Of course, such move can hardly be blamed, for after all, Madonna spent her most glorious period in the Warner Brothers.Let's Shop Most Charming evening dresses for Our Dear Girls

September was the month when American songstress collectively broke out. In September Britney Spears issued her new VS selected songs, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston also issued their new albums. Every woman singer is either busy returning and resurfacing, or busy summarizing and moving forward. Everyone is busy with her own wishful thinking. Among them Madonna is most triumphant, for she doesn't need to worry about comeback, or being bothered by further development; others have to adapt to the market so as to cater to the fans' taste, but she is the one who gives definition to market and taste.

In "celebration", there are two new songs. One is "celebration" which is the cooperation with the world top DJ Paul Oakenfold, the other one is "revolver" which is the cooperation with rap singer Lil Wayne. Both pieces are dance music. If you are going to look for the dance music singer who have been persisted for 25 years on end, Madonna is second to none. Since the releasing of her first album Madonna in 1983, Madonna's dance music is no-stop, whether it is rap, pop rock or R & B, in front of Madonna, they are all out of date.

In terms of Madonna's secret, it can be attributed to her sexiness and boldness, but they are not possessed by her alone. Britney Spears is also sexy and Lady Gaga is no less bold than Madonna. Then why does Madonna own the "hegemony"? There's no reason, she's Madonna. From the view of religion, she's God's choice.

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