Ideas of Korean Changing Work for Low Paying

We all see the tolerance, self-reliance and initiatives in the main characters of Korean TV-Series. Choose Nicest evening dresses for Cashiers However, we seldom see the hidden technics they use to gather popularity, which should be a worthy lesson to learn for professionals. Nurse Day Gift Ideas for Mistress You will find it really helpful on your career path if you learn the Korean job-hopping approaches. Follow Proper Tutorials to Invest In evening dresses from Jennifer Garner Our survey showed that most white-collar workers want to get kickbacks and bonuses before the end of the year, and happily celebrate the new year. But for low-income people, only 23.6% of workplace white-collar workers gain inspiration from korean dramas, learn Korean stype of job-hopping ways, and successfully upgrade themselves in all aspects to save the low salaries at the end of the year.

Lucy comes from the Education profession, and hoped to hew out a career for herself in early childhood education field. After graduation she took charge of a main subject teacher in a chain education investment company of a subordinate nursery school. In addition to the normal teaching and research work, Lucy initiatively took the works of site editor and kingdergartens event planning. She sucessfully organized various of activities. The site quality had been received good remarks from the principal and general manager.In addition to the normal teaching and research work, Lucy initiatively took the works of site editor and kingdergartens event planning. She sucessfully organized various of activities. The site quality had been received good remarks from the principal and general manager. Later, because of company management of confusion, and not feeling to be fit for teaching, so Lucy switched careers to an education development investment company as marketing specialist, running out of business every day at the beginning.

During the first days, she had to rush here and there to promote business. Then one year later she became the model worker with her outstanding business achievements, and then got promoted as the supervisor. Then Lucy was transferred to the marketing sector, to work as the assistant to marketing manager. At this stage, she touched the whole market work. She put emotion in the work and had very high efficiency. At the seat of assistant, Lucy gave full play to her speciality, especially in the aspect of market plan, where she showed her great talent. In three years, Lucy was kept intact because market planning was directly to the charge of market manager. Therefore, Lucy was disinterested at other market-related positions.

The next stage of development issues were placed in front of Lucy: her daily work mainly involved the media, public relations and advertising management this three parts, about which she felt have a big interest. But she did not know in which direction she can develop in several years. And she did not have competition in any direction. Her professional degree was not high in the market and the title of market manager was not fit for her. How could she do? Seeing friends all enthusing over MBA, she didn`t know whether she needs one. Lucy began to feel bewildered over her direction.

Lucy`s effort and perseverance in difficulties can not be ignored to be able to find work matching high, but unfortunately she did not get rewarded. People in job area, if not advance then go back. The past success of Lucy and the career problem which she faces now is worth to be considerate. If she just wishes one stable job, then she should be a teacher in nursery school now. She`s accumulated a lot in the kindergarten, and may have many promotions, for example, profound teacher, principle, even the expert on infant education or at least a scholar, which is well illustrated by receiving many offers despite her leaving.

Nowadays the majority of workers have adopted this working principle, i.e. just to follow the trend and do what they are offered, without the initiative to take the lead of their own profession destiny; instead, they lose the opportunities for better improvement, with the so-called proper excuses such as major-orientedness and working experience. Such people will never increase their value through fully realizing their potential and eventually accept the reality of declined value, only in different length of time. Lucy courageously resists work conventions, faces new challenges, breaks major limitations and undertakes the risks of job changing, all of which are primary premise for her to find good jobs successfully. However, job-transferring should by no means be regarded as the target other than the means. Some people may feel uncomfortable in a certain working enviorment, so they decide to leave such environment. But we have witnessed too many cases in which the transferers do not abide by the occupational principle, and get away from their working patterns, and, some even suffer a thorough failure after they transfer to a different profession. Lucy's example tells us that the industry is not the most important and changing jobs does not have to break all the routine, and the key is to find suitable jobs as the carrier to achieve personal career value. It can make sure professional value of the individual in effective use of advantages.

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