How Much Further Is Chinese Fortune 500 to the World's Center

The list of China's top five hundred in this year has been realsed. Hot Piece Mistakes Even Smart New Jenny Make with formal dresses While the interesting thing is the performance of the ranked companies is commendable, however, the outsider keeps calm analysis instead of joy. From the list of top 500 in China, on one hand, the high-tech companies and emerging energy companies are limited in number, and the international brand their products made is very few. On the other hand, the real multinational corporations is less, private high-tech enterprises that dynamic and independent in the intellectual property rights are still weak.How to NOT Wear wedding flower girl dresses : Effective Tips

Take the vivid metaphor made by some analysts that the majority of top 500 are basically a group of "uneducated." "Big": Sixty percent of the Top-500 companies are state-owned and state holding enterprises, and the top ten are large state-owned enterprises without exception; Sinopec and Petro China still be the leader of the top 500 what means the tradition industries still occupy a large proportion of the whole industry in China. This is the reason why it was called old. "Rough": the rapid development of many enterprises and the improvement of performance greatly relate with their monopoly position, and there is not much value of technical contents.

Therefore, the level of profits in China five hundred is the higher, the more prominent of these companies rely on market competition policy, rather than the development of Mishap. It is clear that the top 500 enterprise is not really strong performance, but big in the digital sense. Compared with the world five hundred, we invest more, effective is less ; do more, revenue is less ; We sell products, they sell brands; we sell work, they sell knowledge; we sell market, they sell technology; we sell resources, they sell culture; The most important point is that we make money by people, they make money by money.

China`s Top-500 Enterprises are still in the transitional period from big to strong and still troubled by a lot of problems. Some problems have been prominent. Such as the gradually heavier pressure from economic restructuring and change of developing patterns, lack of R&D investment, less of independent innovation and so on. At the time when the world economy`s recovery prospect is not clear and the foundation of Chinese economy`s steady rise is till not solid, Chinese enterprises should seize this opportunity. Our business need to start from the own strategy management, resources and industry chain integration. And change the influence from financial crisis into opportunities for development.

In the age of the evolution of capital monopoly to technology monopoly, the spirit and the competitiveness are even more reflected by the independent intellectual property rights and core technologies. Then, as the concentrated expression of national competitiveness, large-scale enterprises should naturally become the leader and a model of state technological progress and industrial upgrading. Although the public still have concerns and criticism widely with China`s Top-500, but with this ranking, we will built a platform on which we can compare China with the world. On this platform, the government, enterprises, scholars and all walks of life in society can point out problems and weaknesses, urging our enerprises to be the real strong ones in the market.

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