Honey- the Good Medicine of Competitor Muscle Recovery

Previous studies have confirmed that after intense weight training, supplementing some carbohydrates and protein can enhance the effect of muscle recovery. The latest research proves that honey can generate the best effect among lots of carbohydrate.You May Pay no Attention to These When Take Care of links of london charms

The chief of Sports Nutrition Laboratory in Memphis University in United States is Richard and he is in charge of the study. has pointed out that the key reason is that honey can help maintain high blood sugar level within the following two hours after training. Blood sugar, grape sugar contained in blood, is the main source of energy of body. If the concentration of glucose in the blood is too low, hypoglycemia reaction will appear which would seriously affect the normal activities of human life. Therefore, it is important to maintain high blood sugar level after training for muscle recovery. However, carbohydrate is the main source of body's grape sugar, that is why we should renew carbohydrate while supply protein.Superior and Fashionable Blood Pressure Monitor on the Cheap Now!

The point is our body would gain the secretion of insulin after weight training, so as to promote the metabolism of protein. But, when the content of insulin rises, the blood sugar will decrease along with it, so it is not easy to keep high blood sugar level. Researchers have experimented on 39 athletes, and they all complement protein and carbohydrate immediately after acute and burdening training. Some athletes were supplied with sugar,others with dextrimaltose,and still others with honey.All of which are carbohydrates. It turned out that only those who drank honey can maintain a perfect level of blood glucose two hours after the training.And their hormone levels also suggest that their muscles are at a perfect state of recovery. This is a piece of exciting news for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, because after all the cheap and readily available honey has better results than those expensive nutrients on the market.

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