Honey- a Panacea for Competitor Muscle Recovery

Researches have proved that carbohydrates and proteins help to recover muscle after energetic weight training. The latest research proves that honey can generate the best effect among lots of carbohydrate.Pulse Oximeter , Most First-Class Gifts for Cuties

Dr. Richard Creed, who is in charge of the research at the Sports Nutrition Lab of the University of Memphis in US., pointed out that honey maintains a high blood sugar level in two hours after training. Blood glucose, main source of energy of human body,is the glucose contained in blood. If the consistency of blood sugar is too low, there will be low blood sugar reaction, and it can seriously affect the normal activities of human life. Therefore, to maintain a high blood glucose level after training is crucial to muscle recovery. However, carbohydrate is the main source of body's grape sugar, that is why we should renew carbohydrate while supply protein.Be More Photogenic in Infrared Thermometer

The question is our body can increase the secretion of insulin after acute and burdening training, so as to accelerate the metabolism of protein. When the insulin inside is raising, the blood sugar is dropping, so it's not so easy to keep the blood sugar high. Researchers did the experiment on 39 athletes who taking in the protein and carbohydrate immediately after the heavy training. And for the carbohydrate, some of them took in sugar, some of them took in maltose and some other ones took in honey. As a result, only the group of people who drank honey maintains an ideal blood sugar level within two hours after training and these people's hormone levels also proved that their muscles are in an ideal state of recovery. It is a inspiring message for bodybuilding athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts, because honey is cheap and easy to acquire, what`s more important, it has better efficacy than those costly nurture in market.

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