Glorious Nokia N97 Mini RAOUL: Only 1000 Sets Available

String your pockets now, the costly guy comes again! Nokia's officially released N97mini at the World Convention hold in September this year. However, it's a pity that its price, as high as 450 ECU, can't stimulate more desire from the consumers. Even so, Nokia is still building blocks for this high price.The Best After- Sales:links of london charms

Recently, Nokia fashion brands lauched a limited edition, N97mini RAOUL, together. This special version of smartphone is 1000 items only worldwide. Owing to the limitation, it may attract more rich man to buy it. Latest news said that this product will go on the market in Britain first, on October 23. Till 29th, October since now, this portion can be ordered in Singapore and some other cities.8 Easy Trend Bible to Mix and Match Abercrombie & Fitch

In order to distinguish with regular version phones, the limited edition Nokia N97mini RAOUL will be published with the RAOUL symbol on the back of the fuselage. 5 Mistaken Ideas You Should See About Blood Pressure Monitor Simultaneously a RAOUL leather cell phone pouch will be given away, advocating environmental protection conceptions, such as green, regeneration, etc. this time, N97mini RAOUL limited edition is no doubt a luxurious product. It`s said that its outer packing and mobile pouch are made of genuine leather. In addition, people who are loyal to RAOUL products will also be presented a VIP card which is worthy of 25 EUC.

The limited edition of Nokia N97 mini RAOUL is as same as the former limited products. There`s no other change in functions and equipments of it except the special alter in its out looking and package. Although the price of N97mini is really high, there is sure a great disparity with N97 in function sets.

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