Estee Lauder Brings About Romaunt of Estée Lauder

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Estee was born in a Hungary Jewrish family in NK,1907.She was the nineth child of her family and her father was a businessman. Menzal's uncle is a druggist who is fond of modulating various chemicals in the laboratory. In 30s of last century, Estee got a recipe for moisturizer from her uncle. She made products according to recipe and then sold to female customers in beauty salon of Manhattan, New York.

In 1946, she had already been the Mrs. Lauder, she and her husband Neuseph Lauder with 50,000 US dollars found their own company-- Estee Lauder Company in New York. The company originally only sold four products: clean oil, cream, lotion and efficiently moistening essence. The first year or two, Estee Lauder didn't make business that big. In 1948, by superior eloquence, Mrs. Lauder persuaded the famous big department stores in New York "SAKS Fifth Avenue" to allow them set up their own counter for monopoly. The Popularity of Estee Lauder as high-grade skin care products was improving in a straight line from that on.

In 1953, Estee Lauder launched the "Youth Dew". This is a fragrance bath oil, you can use as perfume too. After "Youth Dew" was sold on the market, it achieved great success and broke the situation in which French perfume dominated the world. And it also made perfume of top quality no longer a exclusive luxury goods for a small number of elegant ladies. After that, Estee Lauder perfume has been respected in the fashion industry. For example the BEAUTIFUL perfume, its advertising has been taking the bride as the leading actor.

In fact, the most famous words of Mrs Lauder is: "The work of every day in my is to promote." She didn`t only have the sensitive perspectives to the fashion trend, but also the marketing expert in business. She had two creations in the cosmetics sales,the one was she gave free samples to the costomers,because she believed that,"The good products can shut for themselves." The other is that when buying the product, the customers can get the gifts of same brand. While these initiatives have become the classic means for cosmetic marketing today.

In the 60s of last century, Estee Lauder began to expand international markets on a large scale, one after another entering Britain, Canada, Australia, France, German and Japan. Estee Lauder counters are situated in the high-end department stores such as Harrods in London, Paris, Lafayette, etc. The more stylish or expensive places are consistent with Mrs. Lauder's mind together.

So far, Estee Lauder still remained its strong family color, there are four people in its top management are the members of the family. In April, 2004, Mrs Lauder, the founder of Estee Lauder, passed away in her house in Manhattan, at the age of 97. In 1998,Mrs Lauder was be praised as the 20th century's most influential one of 20 business wizards,and she was the only woman.

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