Diana Claudius Brought Out New Album And Song The Classic Bossa Nova

Diana Krall is the contemporary belcanto queen of America, she has with her the honors of Grammy Awards and an excellent global sale, after she crowed into the music field in 90s. You May Pass over These When Deck with tiffany jewellery With her nature-endowed advantages such as clean and smooth improvisational vocabulary, low husky voice and beautiful charming appearance, she can successfully stretch across jazz and pop music. Her 12th album Quiet Nights is not only intended to make romance, but is a beauty invitation, which includes all the possibilities of romance that can be expressed by songs.Well!! Most Adaptive mother of bride dresses Are Available

Diana Krall claimed that this album was characterized with feminine traits, and it was like an album that you sang to the ears of your beloved men when snuggling up together in bed. Even several million fans who are already very familiar with her unique voice with breathing and light rhythms are astonished by the perfection her songs can reach. "It is a sexy and flirting album. That is the purpose."

Diana Krall's music production team includes the Producer Tommy LiPuma who has won three Grammy Awards. And the legendary recording director Al Schmitt who carried away Grammy Awards as many as 16 times. The trump card composer Claus Ogerman in the first popular wave of the Bossa Nova music has created the momentum of entrancing people's hearts.

Moreover, Diana Krallhas herself brought to the album a deeper and more obvious sense of maturity. Lee Palmer said, "For a long time, she finds great resonance to this kind of music. When recording her record of The Look Of Love." We inclined much to the bossa nova course. The "Quiet Nights" is an album eulogizing this kind of music in which Diana has sung three classical songs of Brazil music.

She turned four pop songs into that kind of style by a sense of rhythm, and added another five soft ballads. Therefore, seven out of twelve songs in the album are pure Bossa Nova style. The feeling held by Diana for Brazil and Bossa Nova music is as moving as the album "Quiet Nights". She admitted honestly that the sense of lure she expressed in the album is the same as what she feels for her family life. She said, this is the love letter she writes to her husband, and this is intimate and romantic.

Besides the first limited edition including the album in "Quiet Nights". The first limited edition of the album also includes a song of The Bee Gees covered by Diana Krall using adept singing skills. And the undying piece of the master of pop music-- Cole Porter.

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