Critique Comment Konami PES 2010

In the actual Live Football series, each game player can make corresponding individual settings according to different positions, and this setting will influence the function and performance of the football player in the whole game. Kristen Stewart drops some knowledge on You How to Turn with links of london charms in 20 Minutes! Attack: there are two directions for players to choose, let the players post move more according to a specified direction. Wardrobe Essentials for Sister Midfielder is designed forward, and will offer more ammunition and protection for your CF.

Defense: the positive degree of instructed football players (do not have to be the defense workers) have high, middle and low choices. High: When the rival players are attacking, players would maintain their own position on depth as possible and treat to defense when losing scores. Middle: moderate retreat defense, between the levels of high and low defensive awareness. Low: players are not active after defensive retreat, can effectively maintain his physical. Marking settings must be adjusted accordingly based on the individual needs and playing method ot the other team, so that marking settings is also one of the details in WE. Fill bit protection + delayed protection: the players protect the integrity of formation according to the established policy, especially to fill the vacancy when there is a loophole. One thing should be pointed out that such player as been set with this strategy will not positively approach the offensive player. Although any player can be set with this strategy, such tactic goes especially well with the DMF who has an excellent ability.

Zone defense: the default settings, which will be set by default option if no other marking tactics have been chosen. Set this tactical player, when opponents when approaching his region, near the offensive player will take the initiative. This setting is suitable for most modern football player. Man-to-man: If some of your opponent players have outstanding ability to pose a greater threat to your defense, you can appoint one or more of your players to have a man-to-man defense toward him. It is also divided into two options, regular and proactive. Man to man is to set the tactic of the side members follow objective when his side is not holding the ball. However, Positive Marking option means that your player who has been set with this tactics will stick to the objective regardless of holding the ball.

Quick Settings: Under the premise of not having enough time to set all your players tactics respectively, exclusive of the team settings, you may choose the quick settings. Offense-defense Balance: There is no special tactical attempt, but it is suitable for most regular games. What is worth mentioning is that, Offense-defense Balance Settings could not be explained as total football, but for reasonable attacking without ignoring defense. Front court players will not be more into the attack due to this settings, but they will be involved in defense in entirety under the defense as far as possible.

Focusing on Defense: Team formation is tend to deep defensive, all the players retracing more to maintain defensive formation, even your CF. This is applicable to key matches when in leading circumstances. If the whole competition is defense, it will make the game hard to play. If you think about this way at first, you can consider that whether it is more effective to use defense instead. All attacking: it is not a wise choice if you increase many attacking people and forget about defense, except that your ability is much better than your rival. Defensive counterattack: the transition tactics (need some rest), and effectively adjust the physical loss, the former site reserves the wide players and forwards, for the length of transmission line with fast attack. You can also use through the whole field, attack secretly.

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