Bill Gates' Benevolence : From A Miser to 1st Philanthropist

Melinda was walking in the moribund town, the shops along the narrow street had all been nailed wood, just like a dead town. I’ll Have What New Jenny Having: Blood Pressure Monitor Outside of the town, in an open market, a few women sold a very small quantity of vegetables with nothing else to be sold. Melinda searched the women walking to see if there were shoes on. But to her disappointment: They were bare-footed. Bill Gates, the boyfriend of Melinda did not believe what they were seeing, now, he was 38 years old with about 1 billion dollars, and did not image there are people in the world can not have shoes. However, Gates` compassion has a little moved, but not put into action, his profligate character still has not changed much. At this time Gates is still stingy.How to Take off the Bruise of your Pulse Oximeter

It was in 1994 that Gates had mingled feelings of joy and sorrow. On the New Year Day this year, he and Melinda married. In the same year, he deeply loved mother died of cancer. The huge change had a big strike on Gates in phycological and emotional. This most wealth man in the world began to think about the meaning of live and the direction of life. This year, with his father's suggestion, he took out 94 million U.S. Dollars to establish a Foundation of William Gates , which is the predecessor of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. However, his charitable action was rarely mentioned due to the fact that American public only noticed that in 1995 his property had risen to 12.9 billions dollars.

The real turning point began in 1997. In September, America had billions dollars debt to United Nation of membership tax. Short of finance, United Nation was once on the fringe of bankruption. Ted Turner, Forefather of CNN surprisingly donated 1billion dollars to alleviate the UN's financial crisis and promote other development programs. American media all reported this charity in a clear part of their newspaper and described as the leading character of American new generation of chartist. Some newspapers even enumerate family wealth and contributions of the entire major tycoon, and went on to accuse how Gates can be as stingy as the richest man in the world.

Under the effects of the medias, the appeal to require Gates to donate his money and to make contributions to the society increased quickly and has become a strong social pressure. But in the opinion of Gates, everyone has a way contribute to the community. Microsoft had settled tens of thousands of jobs, promoted the prosperity of high-tech industry, led the U.S. economy active,could all of these not a contribution to society? In 1998, when Microsoft was facing with lawsuit, and Gates was suffering from spiritual pain, the "New York Times" published an article saying that 90% of diseases happened in poor countries, but people in these countries had only 10% of the health-care resources. This article again awaked his personal experience in his travel to Africa in 1993 with his wife. Therefore, William Gates foundation shifted its emphasis to the field of health care.

Gates` charity act was on the increase, just like his fortune. Gates planed to donate over 100 billion dollars according to the calculation of that time, and only left 10 million dollars to each of his children. The donation was mainly to help those patients suffered from AIDS and malaria. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation did work in basement of old Gates' house at first, and moved into a two-floor building in Seattle. The foundation had 216 workers, including children health consultants, public health management expects, lawyers and financial staff and so on. It is said that Gates would spend 10 hours on affairs of the foundation every week. Gates once said to his employees in public that in recent years, he gained largest fulfillment from engaging in the cause of improving the world`s equality. He thought that extremely significant.

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