Bill Gates' Benefaction - From A Miser to Top Philanthropist

Melinda was walking in a lifeless town which liked a dead town. The shops on the both sides of narrow streets were all nailed with boards. In the open market out of the town, several women put some pitiful vegetables on the ground to sell, nothing else. Melinda gave the walking women a searching look to see if they had shoes. The result made her disappointed: None. All of them went barefoot. Bill Gates, who accompanied Melinda, could not believe what he saw. He, at an age of 38, had already in possession of several dozens of billions of wealth while some even got no shoes to wear. However, Gates' compassion was just moved a little, doing nothing, and his individuality of spendingg money like water was still changed little. At this moment, Gates was still miserly.7 Actions That Will Affect the Shine of Your Pulse Oximeter

In 1994, Bill Gates had mixed feelings. On this years` New Year`s Day, he and Melinda married. In the same year, Bill Gates` deeply loved mother died of cancer. The huge change had a big strike on Gates in phycological and emotional. This most wealth man in the world began to think about the meaning of live and the direction of life. In that year, under the suggestion of his father, he took out 94000000 dollars and established Bill Gates funding organization, which is the forerunner of Bill Gates and Melinda`s funding organization. However, the American public only noted in 1995 Gates's wealth had already risen to 12.9 billion dollars, yet his almsdeeds were rarely mentioned.The Vicious Habits that Effect Menaces to

The true turning point occurred in 1997. In the September this year, America owed as much as tens of billions dollars to UN, the UN lacking of money was once on the edge of bankruptcy. Ted Turner, the pedigree of U.S. Cable News Network, unexpectedly announced one billion U.S. dollars donation to the United Nations to deal with the financial crisis and other development assistance projects. U.S media reported this magnanimous act in a prominent position and described Ted Turner as the leader of the philanthropic tycoon in the new generation. Some newspaper even figured out the fortune and donated money of all the rich people. They went on criticizing Bill Gates for not donating money as the world`s most famous people.Why Ladies all Are Obsessed with Blood Pressure Monitor ? God Knows!

Under the report of media, in the society people`s calling for Bill Gates to donate money and to repay the society was increasing very day and became a big social stress. But in the eyes of Gates, everyone had his own way to do contributions to the society, and Microsoft company made thousands of people have jobs and made high-technology industries flourishing, was it not the contribution to the society? In 1998, Gates is facing a lawsuit of Microsoft, and after trap into a spiritual suffering, the "New York Times" published an article saying that 90% of the diseases occurred in poor countries, but people in these countries share only 10% of the health-care resources. This passage recalled the Gates couple`s experience of traveling in African in 1993. Since then, Bill Gates` funding organization`s key point turned to the area of healthcare.

Gates' charity moves climbed just like his wealth. He planed to donate more than 100 billion dollars which he owned according to his calculations at that time, leaving each of his children only 10 million U.S. dollars, the contributions were mainly to be used for helping those patients who were affected by AIDS and malaria. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation started running in the basement of the Senior Gates's home, and later moved into a two-story house in Seattle. The foundation has a staff of 216 people, including child health advisor, public health management expert, lawyer, and financial personnel. It was said Gates would spend 10 hours on the affaires of the foundation every week. Gates once confided to his employees that his biggest satisfaction in recent years is his engagement in the equitable causes of the world, which he found meaningful.

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