American Paint Market Situation Analysis & Outlook in 2010

Although it is not easy for the wood coatings market in 2010, but many factors could make the industry optimism, the estate market's rebound signals and consumer's DIY enthusiastic get higher, also bring hope to wood coatings market to the future. Youth Day Gift Ideas for '40s According to Freedonia's study, the protective coating of wood products and related market's demand would maintain the growth of 2.2% per year, it is expected to reach 30 billion dollar in 2013. According to the current economic situation, the gradual recovery of real estate market probably become one of the dynamical sources of the growth of wood coating. In addition, the demand of wood coating and aspetic from houshold goods will keep the optimistic increase. Demand growth of coating structure also should benefit from the high value-added product development, expanded the application of sheet density and the daily maintenance of wooden furniture, would also provided a sufficient market demand of wood coatings and preservatives. These were the wood coatings market's good news, but in some specific markets, the development of wood coatings also faced difficulties. Usually, the largest part of wood protection products was the share of wood and furniture application, such as flooring and cabinets closet and so on.Go Abercrombie & Fitch which Miley Cyrus Choose most

Real estate industry gradually going out of the shadow and the increase budget of resident home decoration let the wood coating manufacturers look at the hopes. The coating manufacturers take great pains in the colors, construction effect and durability in order to keep their places in the coating markets. In addition, the manufacturers also pay close attention to the recipe of coating and the enviornmental protective performance of material. But on the whole, decorative wood and wood furniture will limit the life of the demand for paints greatly, after all,coatings for wood is not routine maintenance actions, the durability breakthrough of them, also relatively extend their cycles, and reduce the demand for paint. Leave the inside part of the room, and we come outdoor to look at wood products in the application. Application performance of wood products in outdoor is not so optimistic, with the rapid development of new materials and applications expand, woodware products are going through the difficult situation of the market decline, and outdoor woodware paintcoat and preservatives suppliers suffered the same effects and combat. However, there is also an increase point for the outdoor wood dope. This increase point sprays from the purchase for the large-scale fundamental facilities and the outdoor facility maintenance. How to realize this promotion?

Market research showed that consumers put more eye on the effect of expression was better, longer and more durable coating and simpler methods,which embodied in specific physical indicators for high added value, it is a source of profit growth. MattMoon, the senior brand manager from Rust-Oleum, believes that the wood dope market will keep a steady situation. With the recovery of economy, the amount of purchase in wood dope will increase. On the whole, the dope market in America will be more positive. The company's marketing director in Thompson'sWaterSeal MikeKozlowski thought that outdoor wood coatings and waterproof coatings products' segmentation, the cost of outdoor decorative wooden balconies were greatly reducing, and now American families spend an average cost in 100 - 150 dollars in the terrace with Wood. As people spend more time at home, it is very necessary to spend some time in taking care of residential backyard and balcony to make them look more beautiful, therefore Thompson'sWaterSeal thinks that outdoor woodware paintcoat market share will upgrade in 2010.

CarlMinchew, products development director of BenjaminMoore company sees the problems of the application of wooden materials. Because more and more composite materials on ite cheap cost and outstanding appearance effect receive the favorite of the market and become the alternative products of wooden materials. For the current condition, Minchew expresses that although the demand of outdoor woodwares coating is reducing,the wood protective coating market scale rlated to the houses basically has not great changes. According the sales data from BenjaminMoore2008 and 2009, the sales of BenjaminMoore outdoor woodware coating in the two years were slightly leading than that of indoor decoration woodware paint. In 2010, as the recovery of real estate market and the real estate, BenjaminMoore believes that this will promote the market of domestic decoration market, and the enterprises of dope also enjoy this advantage. The demand of wood construction dope which is applied in the terrace will increase slightly. Because for most of the clients and consumers, the composite material cannot compare with the wood, which is more suitable for domestic terrace. In recent years, technical advanced by leaps and bounds in water-based coatings formulations, and consumers paid more attention to DIY approaches, development of wood coatings would sustained growth in the future.

MikeKozlowski introduces that American pay so much attention to the decoration and maintenance of domestic terrace. The reason is that they have the concept of DIY. It is true that the money spends on decoration and maintenance their house is quite large. Many people will carefully design their own terrace, such as uniquely designe the balcony fence and add decoration, and a large input allows owners more likely to lean to self-labor, and lower the costs to achieve their design dreams. ThompsonWaterSeal had successfully prestented a series of water-based coatings, it was not only in high performance but in rich colors. Feedback from the market, environmental protection and low VOC water-based consumer had become the first choice for customers.

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