Allen Iverson Will Begain With the Bench The New Season

The Memphis recently held a public training in the university of Memphis, and they announced a new season away blue shirt. About 1000 fans present, head coach Lionel Hollins is very satisfied with this young Grizzlies of their progress, it is much different in the dispose to the new team in the beginning seson.Women's Day Gift Ideas for Bachelors

The position of Allen Iverson is of the big concerns of the fans. The veteran expressed rarely that he will begin the new season as a bench player, That means when the first reqular game with master the Pistons, AI will appear as s substitute. 34-year-old Iverson has absent all the preseason games because of his left leg tendon injury, and he has not participated in training in the training camp from 5th this month.Most Predominant tiffany jewellery In Vogue

Coach Hollins has no other choice but gradually observe Iverson for his status quo, "He has no joint training opportunities with the team together, and when he comes back he can only watch the team game for a little while first. Thus, his playing time will be limited, it is likely that he would start the season as substitute. "

Currently Iverson does not dare to struggle against the body to contact completely in the training, whether Iverson as the substitution or the first to start the new season, brings a big discussion. The former scoring champion entered his 14 season in the league. He signed a one-year contract worth 3.5 million U.S dollars with the Grizzlies during the off-season.

Although AI gets injuried and can`t join the team training, he still has been able to command up his teammates in the training camp. In the training, Hollins also repeatedly put Rudy Gay in the low post, hoping he can put more ball in the attacking. "I have become stronger, and I am able to control the body in low position." Gaye said, "Training makes me more perfect."

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