A Newly Method Of Protecting The Skin With Beans

Consumers have scared of the skin care production that made of all kinds of chemical materials nowadays since more and more problems emerged in skin products. How to Buy Boyfriends the Perfect Gift for Xmas In the meanwhile, under the influence of economical turmoil, many smart consumers have abandoned those expensive skin products and chose the natural skin products with good effect but at a low price. Top 10 Bargains for Carnival Thus, fruits, herbs and essential oils are more and more prefered by consumers.The New formal dresses for Summer

And revolution is raised in bean which has always been regarded as food material. The nutrition of bean could be adapted to skin care. Soybean as a nutrient-rich ingredients, already has several thousand years of history. It is loved by the public as a healthy food. We don't know, it also has rich nutrition as the skin-care products.

The bean contents rich vitamin E which can not only destroy the activity of free radicals but also prevent the skin from aging and pigmentation. Soy isoflavone is a plant estrogen that has both similar function and activity of female sex estrogen. It can hold the female cells from aging so to maintain women`s skin elasticity. At present, some brands exactly fancy with these characteristics of soybean, and begin their jouney of soybean making skin beautiful.

They launched a series of soy milk and rice slurry skin-care products. The concept of natural skin-caring caused great responding among consumers. It is understood that except these products return the raw materials to nature, in the aspect of selecting the spokesman, they also follow the principle of returning to one's original nature. It is currently being adopted by the tribe, from the huge network of grass-roots activities of balloting to choose their soy milk girls as their spokesmen.

Such a civilian mode may be more subject to consumers. In the skin care industry, Beauty Food and DIY skin care are always very good methods and beauty tips. In the United States, rough rice and vegetables, vegetarian or Japanese cuisine, and food which take emphasis on well-being are to be the diet trend anmd become a common practice. Among them, the most popular food would be soy beans, its fans include Madonna and Gwyneth. Bean heat would be not only for health, but also for skin beauty.

We could make soy bean skin-caring lotion by our own at home. The steps are: heat the pure bean milk of 200ml to 60℃, and then mix half glass of lemon juice into it, shut the fire when the fats in bean milk solidifies. Then mix 20ml sterilized alcohol and wait for cooling of liquor, use clean gauze to filter the dregs. At last, put the skincare fluid into a disinfected container and keep it in the fridge. Similiar to most of soybean skincare fluids in the market, it can help to whiten and moisturize the skin. When making soy bean lotion by DIY means, we should use clean container and tools. Since the soybean milk could become molted by harmful bacteria, so we should do some test on skin before normal use.

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