A Middle-aged Woman Covers Playboy

Remember the blue-haired mother Marge in the nation's most popular "The Simpsons"? The middle-aged woman has recently occupied the "Playboy" cover. Resume GHD Straighteners on New Year's Eve

Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton-the U. Basic Knowledge about your Must-See GHD Straighteners S. men's magazine "Playboy" has always been known by fashion and wealthy. In its over 50-year history, the covers of the magazine can be simply seen as a collection of sexy girls in the world. However, the vane of selecting bunny girls has been shifted in recent days. This is the first cartoon character ever to front Playboy magazine in the history, and the reason for doing so is to appeal to younger readers and accelerate the sales.

On the present cover photo, Marge appears with no clothes wearing her symbolic blue hair, but the rabbit logo of "playboy" blocks key parts as a care. It was explained that when the cover girl for Maggie is very creative, it is not unreasonable, because not only celebrate the cartoon "The Simpsons" the 20th anniversary broadcast, but also to shorten the distance with the young readers. In addition, Maggie Simpson will also enjoy a series of cover girl special treatment. In this magazine, there is three-page spread relevant interview report themed "The Devil in Marge Simpson" besides cross-page photos and personal data forms. While it has been stressed that there are a lot of Maggie as a mother to be proud of, but "Playboy," the editorial stressed, "She still implicitly show their sexy side."

"The Simpsons" is the longest-running cartoon series on U.S. television, which tells the dysfunctional story of the Simpsons living in the middle part of America. The Simpsons have Homer and Maggie, their son Bart, and daughters Lisa and Maggie, together with a group of all kinds of people. Since it was first broadcast on Fox in 1989, "the Simpsons" has gained 24 Emmy Awards, which is well received by audiences of all ages.

"Playboy" has been facing the sales crisis since 2006, and the situation is worsened by the financial crisis. "Playboy" hopes that Simpson can help the magazine rivets readers under 20, while the average of "Playboy" is above 35.

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