A Good Sleeping, The Unknown Ways Helpful For A Macrobian Living For The Dogs

The sleep frequency of dogs: the sleep frequency of dogs is 45 minutes, the body and the brain repeatedly carry on in the "paradoxical sleep" and "non-paradoxical sleep" states, and the general state of non-deep sleeping is 80% of the sleep. Go mother of bride dresses which Tina Fey Fancy most That is to say: 1. Draw up an Inventory of Most Charming mother of bride dresses for Pretties A dog is dimly brought into a condition of hypnotism; 2. tiffany jewellery Most Fitting Gifts in Autumn It begins to fall into a light sleep; 3. It enters the stage of deep sleep. Fourth, deep sleep is classified as 1-4 phases, fatigue recovery and elimination of stress reaction, improvement of immunity and organization of damaged tissues; fifth, the stage of preparations for getting up.

Dog has the same life pattern with the master because of the same living environment, so does the sleep. However, because the frequency of dog's sleep is shorter than that of human, the repeating time during sleep is comparatively more. While if the master works at night and sleeps in the daylight, dogs will change their sleeping habit accordingly.

But this will fundamentally disrupt dogs' biological clock. To keep dogs healthy, the masters should consider changing their living patterns. Good sleep and bad sleep: because the appropriate simulation may activates the brain, so paradoxical sleep and non-paradoxical sleep are the key to sleep. Excessive sleeping for a long time increases the fatigue time. In turn, it means that it will cause fatigue.

Old dogs sleeping: Now we know that "deep sleeping" is not the lack of the best ways to eliminate fatigue. However, the condition of old dog is: with the physical functions depression, dog`s spontaneous sleep will increase and basically high quality sleep cannot be guaranteed. If dogs do not have a deep sleep, it is impossible to adjust metabolism and other normal physiological activities, together with some unhealthy factors, such as impatience and stress reactions.

The key to comfortable sleep: let dogs get the signals of demands frequently, and keep the emotions in active. For example, give out simple orders such as drink and sit during dinner times. This can make the dog's mind to take the demands and this can activate the brain, so the sleep quality can be prompted. However, this won't work to some old dogs. As a result, as for older dogs, moderate exercise can also stimulate their brain for the eventual purpose of deep sleeping.

In addition, a suitable place to sleep is also very important. Dogs can be allowed to choose the suitable place according to their own preferences. People also can arrange a quiet and peaceful place without pungent smell for them, such as bed and cage. Meanwhile, if the dog's body temperature is too low, it can't fall in sleep. Touch the toes with your hands, if you feel the toes are cold, you can keep the temperature by the towels and change the room temperature.

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