6 Bestsellers on Fashion You Shouldn't Miss

Tasting fashion, you can have many ways, for instance, watching fashion shows, shopping round fancy shops in market or brand flagships, or even sparing no money in buying the top brand new fashionable products. The Right time to Look Great With, The Best evening dresses to Enjoy Reading fashion books is also a way to make yourself know more about fashion and improve your personal taste of arts. 3 Accounts that May Bring Abrasion to Your Designer tiffany jewellery About the following fashion books, how many of them do you know?

  • The Gospel According to Coco Chanel: the perfect symbol of both beauty and wisdom.

An American writer, Karen Karbo, introduced the fashion philosophy of Miss Chanel to readers in her new book, "The Gospel According to Coco Chanel" from the unique female`s perspective. Without melodious interlude and gorgeous scenes, through the text, you can realize Ms Chanel's original vision, independent personality and indomitable entrepreneurial spirit besides her elegant aesthetic qualities.

  • The Karl Lagerfeld Diet: feel the persistent willpower of a genius.

According to this book The Karl Lagerfeld Diet, we could feel that karl Lagerfeld's enthusiasm for pursuing fashionable career and for persistent perfect all his life. It is the paranoid frenzy that help him to lay the foundations for the fashion empire, and achieved his unparalleled design. Alternatively, there is always a kind of paranoia on each of the genius with extraordinary artistic achievements, which an ordinary person does not understand.

  • "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost": called for rational consumption regulate the market.

Dana Thomas' "Deluxe: How Luxury Lost" is the works of reflection of social phenomena, which keeps point of fashion. The book describes that how the luxury materials loss their super state step by step in the material society when people are all effected by the social attitude of pursuing the luxury and uniqueness. It is true that more and more people agree with the notion of less is more and all converging the same aura, which result in reducing the gap of noble and despicable.

  • Bringing Home the Birkin: cause people to think deeply the price they have to pay for vanity.

"Bringing Home the Birkin" tells the author, Michael Tonello's experience, who got rich rich by reselling Hermes silk towels online. This book proved that this world really has a woman would like to design a bag which used to pack the diaper at all cost. Brand-name brings much confidence to people, but it could not improve the value of life at all cost. This principle is not easy to catch before the luxuriant bags.

  • The Beautiful Fall: anecdotes in the fashion circles on pyramids.

Alicia Drake, who is a fashion critic from the Cambridge, her work "The Beautiful Fall" was published in 2006, it tells the unknown story of fashion circles in 70s. She revealed to the public about the affairs of love and hatred between Karl Lagerfeld and Yves St. Laurent, two designers of the first class.

  • Yves St. Laurent: the shocking dream of powerful families in the real world.

"The house of Gucci" written by Sara Gay Forden briefs stories of gratitude and resentment in powerful and rich family of Italian fashion in the last century. Patrizia Reggiani, who was the ex-wife of the fashion mogul Maurizio Gucci, assassinated him in 1995, thus she was jailed later. There were rumors before that this story would be made into be a film starred by Angelina Jolie, there were also rumors that this matter aroused strong disagreement from their families. In any case, Gucci is able to come now and become one of the world's top brands, this period of history is worth knowing.

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