100 Thousand People Were In The March In Denmark Called On The Strategy In Protecting The Environment

According to the British "Guardian" reported that during the UN climate summit held in Copenhagen of Denmark, on 12th there were over 100 thousand people demonstrating in the streets, demanding every country to implement effective measures to combat against climate warming. 4 Things You Must Keep in Mind About Pulse Oximeter But the demonstration march eventually evolved into a violent conflict. Around three hundred young men wearing black shirt stoned at the police and smashed windows. The police nixed riots quickly. Many were arrested. Most demonstrators in the conflict masked themselves. Fifty riot police, heavily armed were ordered out. They pressed the riots down to the ground and then boarded them in the police van.Want to Know Manners that Have Injure to ? Here It Is!

The previous demonstration was peaceful. links of london charms In Ulyanovsk According to the Denmark TV station, the population on the demonstration was about 30 million to 100 million, while the police predicted as over 50 million people in it and formed a line for 6 kilometers long. Before the parade departure, the authorities showed their anxiety that there were some violence acts which instigated by extremists, but the organizers also called on the demonstrators to keep calm.

Greenpeace one of the main demonstrating organizers pointed out that each year there are 30 million people died due to climate change, it is not an issue about adaptation, but a question of survival. Friends of the Earth, another environmental organizer said that they did not allow the carbon dioxide destroy the world, because there was no clean coal or oil, the coal and the oil should be left underground.

Among the demonstrators, there was a group led by a German entrepreneur, he used his own money to grant 15 employees to Copenhagen. They pulled up the banner with [save our Earth, we have a share", and said they did not represent the Government, just wanted to find a way to solve the global warming.

In addition to Copenhagen, another one hundred and thirty cities are planning demonstrations. They hope the representatives present in the climate summit put aside the difference in opinions and reach consensus, so as to effectively combat the global warming. In Australia, the organizer indicated that there were 5 million people in the country involved in various demonstrations.

The demonstrators in Sydney shouted with the slogan "we need clean energy, while we do not need coal mines, because Australia is one of the major exporting countries of coal.

In the world's third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Indonesia, protesters held assembly outside the U.S. embassy in Jakarta and appeared that the superpowers should support the developing countries to reduce carbon emissions.

In Philippines, hundreds of environmentalists demonstrated in capital Manila by beating drums and gongs.

In the center of Marseilles city, dozens of environmentalists strengthened parade momentum with drums and whistles, one of the demonstrators said that the final agreement in Copenhagen may be lower than expected, but he would have been demonstrated during the meeting.

And in Berlin, protestors gathered around the Brandenburg Tor. Dressing up as state leaders, some of them immersed themselves in transparent water vats. When the big figures are at table discussing something, the water level is rising up. The protectionists want to take this as a metaphor of the urgency of this climate problem.

In front of the gate of Saint-Eustache church in Paris, hundreds of people participate in the procession in spite of the rain. They said the move was to put pressure on the French government. National Secretary - General of Green Party Sexi Er • Duflo called on the French people to act to remind the leaders of assuming responsibility to mankind during the meeting.

It was relatively calm in Copenhagen this weekend, but some media said that a variety of demonstrations would happen one after another next weekend, among which some would be more radical, bringing critical challenges to the security work.

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